A few hours away from the weekend, I wanted to come back to the Pharma Success 2013 event which I attended yesterday, March 21, 2013, and which was Italy Email Database by the events entity of the Euro Health Net Group led by Antoine Poignant.

This was an opportunity for us to take an overview of the current concerns of the pharmaceutical world in general, with an emphasis on Marketing and Business Excellence activities. More than 500 delegates attended, mostly providers or internal pharma players: communication, marketing, legal, regulatory, medical affairs, compliance … As it is impossible to retransmit to you here all the discussions which took place as they were numerous, rich and constructive, I would content myself with reporting my own impressions of the workshops and plenary sessions to which I assisted:

Why Access This Type Of Information Online.

I followed the presentation entitled “Mobility, a player in the multichannel strategy” with Lionel Reichardt, creator of PharmaGeek whom I would like to greet in passing (#FF), and the management team of Callimedia, Gérard Peccoux and Christophe Fabre. Lionel reminded us of the development of mobile support with a lot of supporting figures, but also the French backwardness when it comes to using m-heatlh or e-health applications compared to other countries such as the United States. .

Italy Email Database

It’s a fact, the mobile is revolutionizing the way of tablets or other smartphones have become essential and are found in all hands. This opens a new field of prospects, the mobile applications and responsive design: Callimedia today shows some constructions such as e-conferencing that allows for simple attend a convention without moving, the application of support for the medical salesperson during his visit, e-learning tools or even patient monitoring … If all these developments are fascinating, I openly wonder about the upheavals they will cause in IRL activity.And finally does e-conferencing respond to a drop in congress attendance or does it accelerate this movement by being perceived as a more convenient solution for participants? Engine or response, the revolution is underway.

What Are The Barriers Encountered In Accessing Certain Types Of Online Information.

Major figures from the pharma and health industries also made the trip to lead plenary sessions: “In 2013, what pride for Pharma? “&” Communication from healthcare manufacturers: Health promotion or self-promotion? “. The pharma industry does not always benefit from an excellent image: Profits deemed to be very important, lobbying, scandal of the Picks style, Diane 35… The debates were rich and interesting and I retained some interesting points:

– The legislator will remain fairly attentive to what will be done in terms of health communication and this is a great challenge for digital marketing (20% of discussions on blogs and forums concern health!), And the alliances of several pharma for promoting health should be a good alternative. Manufacturers will enhance their image through the service provided. – Technologically, major advances will certainly require pharmaceutical groups to collaborate, for example with regard to personalized medicine via individual genotyping …

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