As we usually remind you, in inbound marketing, editorial content is an important part of the success of your project. Logically, to arouse the Bulgaria Email List of your readers and attract visitors to your website, you will need to make yourself interesting and offer a high quality blog . Delivering poor quality content to your customers can even directly jeopardize your reputation.

Content production, towards awareness
Initially, companies were content to produce promotional content touting the benefits of their products and services. With the rise of inbound marketing practices such as the creation of white papers, more and more marketers are choosing to add value to their customer discussions by offering factual and interesting content . It’s a staple of marketing: without content, no voice, no voice, you won’t have a say. Indeed, it is unthinkable to imagine occupying a prominent place on social networks without adding a little value to the discussion you have with your customers and prospects.

Content Marketing is a Difficult Exercise

Producing quality content on a regular basis requires an investment of time, money and talent, to bring the best results. While writing qualitatively seems within everyone’s reach, good writers are rare, even very rare. This activity of course requires writing skills, but it also calls for creativity and imagination: you will have to keep up the pace and renew your style and ideas, otherwise your blog will turn into a broken record and repeat endlessly the same themes. Faced with these constraints, there is then the possibility of calling on one of your employees for this mission, or of subcontracting theproduction of your content . Here we venture to present the advantages and disadvantages of subcontracting:

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Virtual cost: From a mathematical point of view, the production of content through an agency is sometimes more expensive than it would be if it were carried out internally by an efficient collaborator. But be careful, the quality of an intern’s work is sometimes mixed and a talented employee can also be very expensive for the company … There is no rule.

A growing need for editorial content

Companies increasingly need editorial content to strengthen their presence and demonstrate their expertise. We then notice the rise of content marketing agencies which offer content directly adapted to the needs of companies. As an agency specializing in web marketing, it would have been absurd for us not to offer this service to our clients to boost their digital presence . Our expertise in all areas of web marketing also allows us to directly imagine engaging content for social networks, specifically designed for your targets. It’s an affairof buyer persona.

Flexibility: You can dynamically modify the production of content (angle, background, rhythm …) and whatever happens the team of an agency will be able to adapt to your organizational changes. All the texts produced by an agency on behalf of a client rely on several writers who can thus produce all the texts you need by choosing a given tone and style.

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