when it comes to a negative comment or opinion. Having explained the difference between both terms, in this guide. We will explain how to eliminate negative opinions and comments on Facebook. The root of this situation lies under.  The assumption of a bad customer experience with your product. Content or service.That is, someone had some inconvenience, is dissatisfied or felt affected. Next act, they go to your Facebook Fan Page.  Where they have the possibility to rate you and leave a comment about it. At this first moment.  It is extremely important that the company in question take control.  Of the situation and position itself from the customer’s point of view.

Well, they are the ones who now have the power to judge you. These opinions are also divided into two types: first, claims based on the product or service (the treatment received, after-sales service, etc.) and second, those with a more personal aspect, offensive and, above all, that are not related to the business. When this type of situation arises, it is vital that we take assertive actions, since opinions on Facebook cannot be deleted, but rather hidden. Although Croatia Phone Number this last option must be carried out under certain criteria to be considered. You have to be judicious when dealing with them. This factor is important, because, in the face of adversity, brands cannot panic and make decisions lightly without first analyzing the situation.

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We must try to improve the dialogue with our followers and modify the aspects that have not been to their liking. When these opinions are controllable Certainly there will be times when the situation will get out of hand . For example: if I am a soft drink company and I get an opinion saying that the drink has a lot of gas, in this case the perception of people will depend a lot, because there will be those who like gas and those who do not. It is more difficult to control this type of information if the company is large or recognized, because the ideal is that it does not directly affect the product or service. Negative comments shouldn’t stress you out if they don’t directly affect your product or service. This criterion is based on the previous one, since we could classify these assessments as disastrous or not.

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We must take into account that, if the opportunity arises, we could reverse the situation and take advantage of it . For example, if we have a restaurant and we receive an opinion.  In which a customer complains about waiting time in service. Handling the situation appropriately, the final perception of users could be that our restaurant is very busy. It is always better to respond and solve efficiently.  In short, every opinion be and.  In the best of cases, resolved in the most efficient way. Since the fundamental idea is to avoid being qualified in a harmful way and that from a negative opinion we have 10 positive ones . Decide when not to show reviews In the event that the situation is not controllable and completely out of our hands.

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we can choose to perform two actions: appeal to Facebook , for specific reasons, to eliminate the opinion made by the user by clicking on ” I do not like this opinion ” or go to the configuration tab of our page and hide the opinions section. However, we must bear in mind that if, later, we activate this option again; the rating will be the same and previous comments will be visible again. To finish, you have to decide to keep them or eliminate them from your page , as long as you have considered the factors previously exposed and determine which is the best alternative for your business. Also, add that these actions can only to company accounts, local businesses, organizations or brands. Currently, many companies choose to participate in specialized workshops.

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