For example, 71% of decision makers say this content helps Portugal Phone Number them stimulate their thinking process. 68% say it gives them insight into future trends. They use these insights to gain new ideas and to give direction to their own organization. What does it do Portugal Phone Number for the knowledge leader? Edelman indicates that valuable content gives thought Portugal Phone Number leadership organizations more trust. This affects reputation, sales and attracting talent. Trust and recognition By creating and distributing thought leadership content alone, you gain the trust of your target audience.

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For example, 63% of respondents say that this makes Portugal Phone Number them feel that an organization. Understands their business challenges and is able to solve them. Six in ten decision makers say that the sender’s credibility increases when they talk about a Portugal Phone Number topic they are not yet recognize for. sales In her research, Edelman cites Gartner: according to Gartner, the decision maker has already had a long journey in considering the purchase of a product or Portugal Phone Number service. 83% of the exploration, comparison and ranking of options is done before contacting the provider. After the decision maker has ingeste thought leadership content, the likelihood that she will make a purchase increases.

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48% of decision makers say they sometimes, or even Portugal Phone Number regularly, award business to an organization after ingesting thought leadership content from that organization. Even providers who are not initially on the decision maker’s shortlist still have Portugal Phone Number a chance to do business by regularly posting good thought leadership content. For Portugal Phone Number example, 54% of decision makers say they sometimes, or regularly, make a purchase from an organization that was not even consider before. Attracting Talent Currently (November 2021) there are more vacancies than there are job seekers.

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