I can be very brief about this: every entrepreneur, whether Norway Phone Number starting or experienced. Needs the book Real Entrepreneurship . Finally, a book that doesn’t tell you how to do it . But gives you the right information to make choices that lead to success for you. In addition, with this book you have legal information at your fingertips that can be understood. So that you can make Norway Phone Number laws and regulations work for you.’ 11. Time saving – Ready every day at 3 p.m. From busy to productive and more calm. Björn Deusings Ready book cover every day at 3 pm.Finishing work every Norway Phone Number day at 3:00 PM is it too good to be true? With this book, Björn teaches you to work more effectively, so that you can save time.

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Students report saving 2 hours with the 7 tips for Norway Phone Number productivity and focus. Aaron Mirck already reveals in his review which steps you can take . 12. Inclusive Communication Everything you need to know to reach a diverse audience. Hanan Challouki Norway Phone Number Inclusive communicationHanan Challouki discusses in her book why companies should put inclusive communication on the agenda, what it is not and what barriers there are to getting started. A Norway Phone Number company or brand that wants to communicate inclusively must have 3 essential values: authenticity, courage and transparency. Kim Pot discusses what that means in her review . Kim: ‘This book really opened my eyes.

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There is much more to inclusive communication than Norway Phone Number I thought and I felt a little more ashamed as I turned every page. This book shakes you up and will ensure that you really start to understand how to communicate inclusively on the basis of all kinds Norway Phone Number of practical cases.’ 13. 4000 weeks Your Time on Earth and How to Manage It – Oliver Norway Phone Number Burkeman 4000 weeks book cover.Last, but not least ! Productivity expert and Frankwatching author Arjan Broere convinced me that this book should definitely be on this list: ‘In this book Oliver Burkeman states that the average person has 4,000 weeks on earth.

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