And powerful means better service and Northeast Mobile Phone Number higher value. And users are more willing to pay for it. When we buy a product. We will carefully consider it and compare it repeatedly with the Northeast Mobile Phone Number function list of the product. At this time. We forget whether the product is complicated or not. And more consideration is whether the function meets our own needs. For most b-end products. Complexity may be unavoidable. And complexity is due to real business needs. Not a designer’s wrong preferences. The reason why b-end products feel relatively complicated is because the products need to complete complex work tasks. And the interface carries a lot of information content. Which will bring pressure to users visually. And intuitively feel that the product is very complicated. However. These information are all necessary.

A Rational View of Complexity Northeast Mobile Phone Number

We should learn how to live with complexity Northeast Mobile Phone Number and try to tame and manage complexity.I believe that many designers. Like me. Have experienced the baptism of the wave of modernism and have more or less preference for simple design. Because of this preference. I also hope to choose this style when I design myself. And I deliberately pursue the simplicity of the Northeast Mobile Phone Number interface at the time of design. But ignore that the simplicity of the interface does not mean that the product is easy to understand and use. From a psychological point of view. Complex things are easier to understand. Simple things are confusing. And blind pursuit of simplicity will make things complicated. The goal of b-end products is to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Distinguish Complexity Northeast Mobile Phone Number

Northeast Mobile Phone Number

In order to improve the user’s operating efficiency. We need to intuitively integrate some information that can help users understand Northeast Mobile Phone Number and commonly used operations. Displayed to the user. This will increase the complexity of the interface to a certain extent. But compared Northeast Mobile Phone Number with the complexity of the product visual interface. The ease of use and operation efficiency of the product will be more important for b-end products. The premise of coexisting with complexity is to be able to view complexity rationally. And the meaning of complexity itself is neither positive nor negative. Complexity describes the state of things. And the dictionary definition is something that has many intricate and interrelated components. Whether a product is complex or not is determined by the business the product itself is engaged in and the tasks to be completed.

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