After the announcement in the middle of last year of the disappearance of the possibility of customizing the links that we want to publish on Facebook, the community managers had it a bit bad… Although it is still possible to upload an image, the original link must not contain any image (or be unavailable)! Of course, the title and description of preview cannot be changed. But why ? This drastic measure aims above all to eradicate the more than doubtful practices of certain pages. This can be to obtain traffic artificially by encouraging clicks through the title and description or to propagate fake-news . Anyway, for the most honest of us, this is not necessarily a good thing, as long as you want to control your image and keep an adequate editorial line.

Faced with the dissatisfaction of CMs, Facebook is backing up . The social network thus offers pages to verify their domain name , so that they can subsequently modify their own links . It is already that, but for all the other links of the web, it is still not possible … And one fine day, a little free service appears: “ Pretty Links ”! Hallelujah! CMs are jumping for joy, they can change the preview of their links again. But alas, it was too good to be true… a few months later, the service closed its doors. Well almost ! If you are used to browsing the most popular pages on Facebook, you may find that some pages have a preview of their links that is different from the information on the original web page. But how ?

Your social media link preview with Any Image?

Well, these pages surely have their favorite little service to achieve this, but today I invite you to discover a particular good: Tip: Before you start editing your link preview, you can test your link’s appearance on social media with pilcro’s online South Korea Phone Number tool ! Any Image is a freemium service, which will allow you to modify the preview of any link, be it image, title or description. Its peculiarity and not least is that it works not only with Facebook , but also with Twitter , LinkedIn and Google+. So, isn’t life good? Admittedly with this kind of rather specific service, the free offer remains very limited. 10 social cards per month and without all the statistics part, which is undoubtedly the most important aspect for links … Other than that, the offers depend on your volume of consumption.

South Korea Phone Number
South Korea Phone Number

I advise you to test first and see if it’s really useful! You can also use the free version exclusively for 10 social media posts that you think are “important” – it’s up to you. On the technical side, what is it? Title: 115 characters max. Description: 140 characters max Destination url. Choice of card style: small (square image) or large ( 450x235px rectangular image ). Choice of a custom domain (premium only). I would like to point out that all of the above options are the same for the 4 social networks available. In fact, the preview of the social map below the settings allows you to have a preview of the final rendering when the link is published on this or that platform. Once your setup is complete, the platform will then generate a link to copy and share with your community.

your social media link preview with Any Image?

Easy to access and quick to set up, AnyImage is a very practical service that CMs can already add to their toolbox! In the same vein, I also invite you to discover PeekLink , a free service which was presented by Fidel Navamuel on his site The tools of the day before , or the presentation of Switchy at Tribords . We will focus here on photos in square format (or 1: 1 ratio), which is best suited to the timeline. By taking your photo in HDR (rich tone) mode , you will give your image a warm and more professional feel. However, the setting time is longer, avoid moving too much. Also remember to have a bright enough environment during the day by avoiding backlighting. In the evening, prefer natural light by avoiding the flash of your smartphone as much as possible!

This one does not give a diffused light, you will have a lot of lights in the center and very dark outlines, which is not very beautiful … If you have a few minutes ahead of you, jump into the more advanced edits Instagram has to offer, it’s worth it! Even if the options are not as extensive as with professional software, there is still plenty to do. These have clearly been designed for the user. Adjust: allows you to adjust the position of your photo, to level it or on the contrary rotate it as you wish. Brightness: allows you to correct the general brightness of the shot in order to correct any under or overexposure. Contrast: allows you to modify the difference between light and shadows. Details: allows to bring more or less finesse to the photography.

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