Add internal Thailand Phone Number List Internal links make it easier for your users and Google to locate your content. A popular and effective method is to link to relevant pages in the content and vice versa. However, like with CTAs, don’t overdo it. Below is an example of an interconnect taken from an article by Marie Claire on false eyelash effect mascaras. You will notice that links are added in the content to invite the reader and the search engine crawler to browse articles on related topics such as waterproof makeup. example-marie-claire-lien If you haven’t already, we also recommend that you introduce a carousel that links to related articles, guides and resources that are popular, new, or that relate to where you want to direct your visitors.

example-block-articles-marie-claire Combine content to create comprehensive guides If your website has multiple content, each covering specific elements of a larger topic, you might consider merging that content into a single resource. For example, if you have three blog posts on the importance of cybersecurity, cybersecurity threats, and cybersecurity programming, you could put them together in one in-depth guide. Conversely, if you have too much content, you can break it up into smaller chunks with separate articles covering each chapter, but connected together via internal links.

Add internal links

When you consolidate or divide content, refresh the data to make sure that all the information it contains is up to date. To avoid cannibalization and duplicate content issues , these guides can be turned into resources, videos, or downloadable content. Downloadable resources are ideal for email capture and lead generation. You can also promote these resources in your existing mailing lists and on your social networks. Bet on audio and video In 2019, the eMarketer firm analyzed that in France, people over 18 watched videos more than 4 hours a day, whether on television or on the internet. This overall figure does not really change, even in 2021.

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On the other hand, the share of videos viewed online is increasing and will continue to increase, especially following the confinement due to the coronavirus. Indeed, we notice in this analysis, that even before confinement, the daily time to watch videos online has gone from 40 minutes in 2017 to 1:03 in 2021. consumption-video-france-2019 With this in mind, many brands have invested to varying degrees in video, podcasting and other media over the past few years to take advantage of this trend. We recommend that you do the same. If your primary delivery channel is video content, you can redirect it by taking the main topic and turning it into blog posts, webinars, or guides.

Bet on audio and video

It can help you attract new audiences through organic and social channels. Got a bunch of old webinar recordings? Increase their reach by posting them on YouTube and embedding them on a page on your site with a text description. Regarding audio, a study carried out by Audi through an infographic, shows that the containment of the coronavirus has drastically accelerated the growth of listening to podcasts . Indeed, thanks to confinement, there were 40% additional digital auditors in France. audio infographic france 2020 If you want to try this kind of format but have few resources, take your 12 best performing pieces and record two team members discussing the key points of each for about twenty minutes. Optimize your titles and hooks Going over the titles and hooks of your articles is a great way to refresh your content.

According to BuzzSumo , the most engaging content contains headlines with numbers . Many use a list or ranking format, for example: “Top 10 best lawn mowers”, “7 tips to reduce your dark circles” etc … The graph below shows that the most engaging articles have titles with the number 10, such as “Our pick of 10 films for the weekend”. Followed by the number 5, which can correspond to titles like “The 5 best destinations in Europe for the summer”. buzzsumo-list-title Once your theme has been chosen and the number of elements that will make up your list or ranking, consider structuring your content in a bulleted list.


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