When we quoted Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List in a previous article , we never imagined the public recognition that would come afterwards. It is well deserved for all members of the community , so already well done! Covidtracker therefore receives recognition from the State, with the Order of Merit awarded to Guillaume Rozier. However, several platforms seek to help us face the complexity of the health crisis. We can also quote All these platforms allow curious Internet users to learn about the pandemic and the vaccination. They help to form a more informed opinion on the risks of the pandemic in France. These platforms publish fresh statistics and visualizations that are often very powerful, because they are simple

! Even I immediately understand a graph showing the evolution of the number of hospitalizations over time; or a graph showing the cumulative number of people vaccinated in France with the number of vaccines available. These quantitative, factual elements help me to consolidate my opinion and to balance the appreciations of a debate on a panel of experts. In recent weeks, some platforms have also been deploying solutions to help make vaccination appointments. Thus, they help to facilitate the organization of solutions implemented in the field by public health actors. We might as well point out the obvious: these graphs and these appointments cannot exist without the data.

Covidtracker and knowledge support platforms

After upgrading, the graphics provide a service with very high added value: they shed light on complex things, such as an unprecedented pandemic and the results of the political actions put in place. Because, yes, a (no) confinement has impacts on the levels of hospitalization; like masks etc. Future studies on the effectiveness (or not) of containment will further shed light on a controversial debate. This is not the purpose of this article. Here again, the data and the comparisons will be invaluable. Before the more in-depth answers, we tried to answer the question on Swedish policy : this first exercise reminds us that data, when they exist, can launch a process and valuable treatments.


And quality data, or put in quality. This ungrateful quality work often represents 80% of the job before the graphic… In this digital age, data is the fundamental building block of this permanent building of knowledge; for public actors, the Digital Republic Law impels a virtuous approach to the publication of public data by default. Covid tracker shows the result (by a young worker and a community of knowledgeable and passionate volunteers) when the state publishes data. With Vite Ma Dose , we see the power of the open organization facilitated by a platform: everyone can find out the timetables by postal code and choose a time slot to organize their vaccination.

Full Metal Jacket will not teach you how

What is the additional cost for the State to have published its data and respected the law? Any ! When a platform allows people to make appointment slots to be vaccinated, it is savings for the community. A vaccination appointment has at least three components: At each additional vaccination appointment that a platform has facilitated, thanks to data sharing, this public expenditure drives vaccination forward. Of course, part of the digital infrastructure pre-existed at Vite Ma Dose: making medical appointments was already possible on several platforms. It is precisely in the ability to quickly assemble existing services that a major part of the innovation lies.

There will be many innovators to support, in a simple and effective way, the missions at the service of citizens. And in some cases, they will even help contribute to public savings. In the short term, we want to be able to break into the education market, then, in 5 or 6 months, we will broaden our spectrum to meet the needs of SMEs of around 100 to 200 people. After having acquired skills and experience, in 1 or 2 years, we will be addressing large companies competing with Citrix, for example, which has the disadvantages mentioned above. This is your first experience in the world of work, and you have chosen to go directly into entrepreneurship, what, in your career, led you to take this risk

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