Profile on a social network, For Millennials there are codes of conduct , rules of online etiquette. There is nothing more rude and inconsiderate than creating a Facebook profile of a brand, offering a product or service, and not answering the questions that users ask. It is the equivalent of opening the door of your business and walking out of the store, leaving it empty. You wouldn’t do that with a physical store, would you? Don’t do it online either.

What social networks do Millennials spend their time on? We already know that Millennials are avid users of social networks, but which ones? Based on the 2021 Social Media Study by IAB Spain, specifically in Iceland Phone Number section Generation Z vs Millennials, we find that the favorite social networks of Millennials are the following: WhatsApp (85%) Facebook (77%) YouTube (73%) Instagram (69%) Twitter (53%) Nothing surprising. Let us remember that we are talking about people who are currently between 42 and 22 years old approximately.

If We Take A Look At Generation

We see for example that the use of Facebook drops considerably. Examples of online store campaigns targeting Millennials Aware that a good part of their target audience is among them, there are many online stores that have focused on Millennials when creating their advertising campaigns. Let’s look at some of the most successful: Nike and Nike Academy videos Nike is one of those who knows how to reach Millennials, and has done so, for example, through the Nike

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Academy videos. With them, this brand tries to inspire the viewer with a series of tips to improve football. Take a look at his Shot Stopping video : Blue Banana, marketing and… Action! With its groundbreaking campaigns, Blue Banana is another firm that has managed to win over Millennials. A good example of how it does this is its 2021 Christmas campaign, called Santa’s Giveaway .

Through Social Networks

Blue Banana gave away one million euros in prizes. To win them, fans had to play a game of knowing where Santa Claus went on vacation. A masterpiece of marketing! Although this is not the only time that Blue Banana has surprised its Millennial audience. He has already done it many times with his videos full of adventure, like this one: Forever 21 Being one of the favorite fashion brands of Millennials , Forever 21 could not forget about them in their marketing campaigns.

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