Every year on Frankwatching we publish useful articles Bahrain Phone Number about Black. Friday with tips for marketers and webshop owners to prepare. The what and how are covered by the experts in these articles. But the ‘at the expense of what’ is still rarely discussed. Recently Bahrain Phone Number we received some critical tweets in response to one of the articles on Frankwatching: ‘Emphasis on short-term consumption: outdated.’ ‘Stop this energy-guzzling consumption-driven neo-capitalist Bahrain Phone Number nonsense’ I understand these messages. Heads of government are in Glasgow talking about how we’re going to save the climate, while marketers are working on how to sell as much as possible in the final months of the year.

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And with discounts that many small, local shopkeepers Bahrain Phone Number cannot compete with. But not participating in Black Friday can also be costly. The competition is cutthroat. Also read: Your banana delivered in 10 minutes: is the concept of ‘flash deliverers’ tenable? And at what cost? In any case, it often results in poor working conditions. Low Bahrain Phone Number wages (without permanent contracts) and a growing mountain of waste. Alternatives to Black Friday Should we all agree to abolish Black Friday? Annoying. There are always periods when shops give discounts. But there is certainly critical opposition.

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Think of take back black friday, Fair Friday, Green Bahrain Phone Number Friday and Circular Monday. And research from 2020 shows that we want to consume less and more sustainably within the EU – although there is a difference between saying something and actually Bahrain Phone Number doing it. This week I listened to an episode of the NRC podcast Future Affairs , in which Babette Porcelijn talked about how we can move towards a more sustainable world. I found the concept of True pricing interesting , where the hidden costs (such as damage to people and the environment) are added to the market price.

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