It is therefore only 45 million people who are concerned for the moment, that is to say a tiny part of the users of the network. Facebook wants to experiment with the tool first before globalizing it on its platform, because it is a unique project that took almost a year to develop. The principle is simple: let users see their information and control it. That is, they can decide to no longer be targeted by Facebook after they have received information about them through applications or websites. Often, the data collected by Facebook is collected thanks to the Pixel, to the mention “like” or to the sharing for example. It is for this reason that, when you visit a site on a fairly regular basis, the advertisements that arrive on your desktop or mobile are related to that site.

A little over a year ago, Mark Zuckerberg had already announced the news during the Facebook F8, a conference for developers. Your agency specializing in social networks tells you everything. Better data management for the user The Off-Facebook Activity tool is currently being implemented in three countries: Ireland, South Korea and Spain. But  can also receive different advertising content if someone has logged in on your device, for example. Off-visual-activity Here is the display of the parameters of the Off-Facebook Activity tool. ( source ) On the visual above, we can see the information of the sites and applications disclosed by Facebook. Not all of them will be displayed in this tab. We can then see that it is possible to completely delete the history, to deactivate the Off-Facebook Activity and to deactivate a particular site or application. However, you should be aware that Facebook will store your information.

Data protection as the main objective

They just won’t be appropriate for specific users. “We are talking about a dissociation, not a deletion” Stephanie Max, product manager for Facebook and in charge of the project. Data protection as the main objective Off-Facebook Activity was designed with Japan Phone Number total transparency. Mark Zuckerberg wanted to end the accusations received by his company following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This case has, in a way, forced Facebook to focus its priority on the protection of the data of its users. This is a priority that comes at a fairly high cost for the largest social network in the world, given that this new tool limits users’ personal data, and consequently, advertising revenue. And, when we know that advertising represents more than 95% of the revenue generated by Facebook, we can wonder about the longevity of this new Off-Facebook Activity tool.

Japan Phone Number
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The news fell on August 20: users will now have control over. The information that is collected by Facebook thanks to a new tool. In conclusion Facebook must find a complicated balance between satisfying. The bodies that monitor it with regard to the protection of its users’ data and satisfying advertisers by offering them the best possible panel of data. For the moment, it focuses more on data protection for the moment.  Jasmine Enberg, analyst at believes there is a gap between the people. Who care about protecting their data and those who will actually take action! If you want to develop your digital strategy. Do not hesitate to contact our SMO agency who will be happy to help you.

Better data management for the user

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