More visible and visually appealing. Shopping results Bulgaria Phone Number are always above Search results with a photo of the product. more customer-friendly. Within Shopping it is very easy to compare with other providers, so that on the one hand the conversion Bulgaria Phone Number percentage can be higher, but on the other hand the competition is greater. Then you think: we are there! But that’s just the basics. Of course you can already get results with this information, but this is actually Google Shopping for Rookies . If you want to take the next step in your e-commerce maturity model, you’ll have to pay attention from here.

Data Collection

Because now we’re going to talk about the really smart Bulgaria Phone Number things in Google Shopping. 6 Best Practices for Adult Shopping Campaigns Anyone can click a few campaigns together and let them run. You can really distinguish yourself by carefully Bulgaria Phone Number deploying and deploying your entire e-commerce marketing strategy from start to finish. Do you want to know more about that? Then check out the article we worked out earlier about the ideal e-commerce marketing mix . Shopping is part of that, and we treat it that way. To set up Shopping properly, we always start by scanning what is already there.

A Condition

Bulgaria Phone Number

Make an inventory of your current advertising Bulgaria Phone Number situation If you want to improve, you first have to map out the current advertising situation. We always look at 3 factors: Average price per click (CPC) Current conversion rate Average order value Bulgaria Phone Number Once we have mapped these out, we decide together with the customer where we want to see improvement first. There are specific actions that you can take for each metric. How do you lower the CPC in Shopping? Let’s start with improvements in CPC. Because if you pay less on average for the visitors who come to your site, then you will naturally yield more in the end.

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