Sixty-six percent of marketers  say. Also, they expect their organization’s content marketing budget to increase in the next 12 months.

Eighty-eight percent say they will. Also, produce more content in 2016 than they did in 2015.

They are using more tactics in general (13 this year, compared to 12 last year), and usage of most tactics has increased year-over-year.

Their usage of the top social media. Also, platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Google Plus) has increased.What UK marketers should do: The most effective UK marketers have it right: Figuring out what’s working is exactly what you should do. Not only do. Also, you want to be able to double down on what’s working, but you also want to assess your efforts to decide what not to do. Stopping less effective activities is truly essential if you want to have time to focus on what works.

Wait … where’s the strategy? Where’s the mission statement?

One reason for the lack of Anhui Mobile Phone Number List effectiveness could be. Also, the lack of a road map. Only 37% have a documented content marketing strategy (versus 36% last year) and even fewer (32%) have a documented editorial mission statemen


What UK marketers should do: Documenting the content. Also, marketing strategy and Anhui Mobile Phone Number List editorial mission statement are key. Differentiators between effective marketers. Also, and  their less effective peers that we consistently see across Without a stated Anhui Mobile Phone Number List plan – that can be shared across the entire team – it simply does not make sense to spend and produce more content.

Missed opportunities to

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Furthermore, while nearly three out of four. UK marketers ask their audience to subscribe to an e-newsletter – and around half ask their audience to  the content offers pretty much stop there.

What UK marketers should do: I can’t stress. Also, how important it is for UK marketers to. Also, use content to build an audience, as this not only helps you. Get data around your prospects and customers so you can better serve them, but it also opens up opportunities. Also, for monetization. Remember:  While there are several ways to get subscribers (video, print, podcasts, followers via. Also, social channels), email subscribers are often the best approach, as you. Also, have the most control over them.