Within an e-learning environment, students are asked Lithuania Phone Number to absorb a lot of information. With a good voice-over enough peace is create, so that the student has enough space to process the information and to absorb it better. Therefore, pay enough attention Lithuania Phone Number to recording and adding the voice-over to your e-learning. Good luck! Measurable communication stands or falls with a strategy process that is in order. And much more can be gained from the Lithuania Phone Number quality of this process. You can read how to do this in this article. It’s Measurement Month again , according to AMEC, the professional association of communication professionals for measurement and evaluation and organizer of the annual event.

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The aim is to draw attention to the importance of Lithuania Phone Number measurable communication. A good mission. More than a terminal We often see the strategy formation phase within the communication plan as the most interesting part of all. But this phase usually Lithuania Phone Number takes place too quickly, is not structur or the right expertise is not even around the table. The result is that the basis for measuring the communication plan is also not good. Are we Lithuania Phone Number measuring the right things? And why this one? It’s about being accountable . Decisional accountability for measurable communication What we often ignore is what emeritus professor of Communication Science Betteke van Ruler calls ‘decisional accountability.

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As a communication professional, can you also Lithuania Phone Number substantiate why you make certain choices or decisions? This is crucial for measurable communication and requires a precise focus on the strategy process. To go through this process more Lithuania Phone Number sharply, ask yourself these 5 questions: 1. How do you see strategy formation? Strategy Lithuania Phone Number formation is therefore not the same as determining the number of desire media messages, press releases, events, content or influencers. This is only part of strategy making. More importantly, you determine strategy in conjunction with the communication goals and the context within which these must be achieve.

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