After months of galactic upheaval, the stars are lining up again to reinvent the Galaxy 50A for the umpteenth time. This process is called “galactogenesis” galaxies change over time, merge and improve their Portugal Email Lists . Chez nous Paris merges with Marseille to define the new contours of the 50A nebula. This is not a cosmosophical digression, it is a real advantage for our entire ecosystem. A consolidated Parisian base camp and a Marseille vessel that finally brings us into the hybrid universe that we have wanted to live and share for so long.

Last big news, much more concrete for most of you, we have just received the QUALIOPI certification. With the development of your actions and tools through your Inbound Marketing strategy, you will be able to interpret, upstream of the launch, the attraction that your targets have for your new product or service and thus measure its adequacy with the market.

The Consolidated Parisian Base Camp

The new ones, our technical and data boss, Nicolas who has the presumption to have the same first name as the boss is still a technology ace, he juggles with the code like a plumber or an electrician who must connect the entire network… without leaks, without short circuits and with all the necessary documentation. A risky job that requires a lot of cold blood!

Portugal Email Lists

Our valiant project manager and social media manager Baptiste , he is not afraid of anything and runs around ten projects. Its motto “for the fatherland, honor and law” all my projects will be delivered on time with a delivery report….

The 50A Marseille agency

Nestled in the Marseille city of the old port, 50A Marseille is developing a digital production center and working on a local social network with access to the protection of privacy.

The new members of Team PACA are Mame , our 360 project manager, expert in “do it yourself because if you have to wait for the creation you will have it when the client does not want it anymore” and Paul our data analyst engineer who searches the data of his school to find the loophole and ask for a rebate. Paul takes care of the data mining to refine our digital and business strategies.

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