The daily life of a digital marketer sometimes looks like a Stations of the Cross. As part of an on content marketing strategy effective, it grinds the brain every Western Sahara Email Lists in search of an original subject, interesting and likely to generate interaction on social networks . Some days, the magic happens, the item will be completed in less than two hours and be successful. Others, it is a real ordeal and the anguish of the blank page which hovers like a sword of Damocles …

Content marketing, listening to opportunities
And then sometimes the news gives us an opportunity on a silver platter. All it takes is a brief, an event or a trendy subject for the connection to be made: we perceive the full potential of this information for our market or for our customers, and we decide to seize it for the turn into relevant and interesting content that will capture the attention , which will generate many interactions and reach an audience beyond our normal reach.

Newsjacking or how to optimize your content marketing strategy

” Hijack news by injecting your ideas into it in order to generate visibility and engagement on social media “, such is the definition of Newsjacking given by David Meerman Scott , the man who coined the term, although the concept is known for a long time.

Western Sahara Email Lists

It must be said that since the emergence of digital marketing and the exponential influence of social networks , Newsjacking has become the object of all envy. More and more, small businesses as well as the biggest brands are scanning the news in search of LA news that they can exploit and capitalize on to boost their visibility and their Brand reputation. But Newsjacking is a double-edged sword. Able to generate the best buzz as well as the worst “Epic fails”, it is an extremely delicate lever to operate which requires the presence of several elements to optimize the results. Used at the wrong time or at the wrong time, it can have unwanted repercussions which, at best, will generate disinterest. At worst, it is outright rejection, anger, and even scandal that erupt (several brands have broken their teeth). Yes, newsjacking is medicine to be used sparingly.

Perfect timing to distribute your content

If we want to capitalize on the impact of a news, it is imperative to seize it at the right time : too soon, it will have the effect of a wet firecracker while too late, it will have lost all its sound. exclusive and surprising character. Newsjacking is a discipline that is played in instantaneity.

Example: Oreo and the Super Bowl blackout
New Orleans Superdome, Super Bowl Finals, America’s most watched event. Advertising space is trading at exorbitant prices ($ 4 million for a 30-second spot). And then, the incident: a sudden power cut that will last 34 long minutes. 34 minutes still on the air, but where nothing happens. It was then that Oreo’s creative team decided to seize the opportunity. Before the end of the cut, they urgently create a small advertisement which they broadcast on Twitter, accompanied by the caption ” Power out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark. (Translation: power cut? No problem. You can always soak in the dark).

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