And they are being excellent business channels, as more brands are betting on creating advertising through this medium. But you have to take into account the mistakes to avoid on Twitter . Brands are realizing that Twitter and its services can be effective ways to reach their target audience and meet their goals. Here are some reasons why brands are using these platforms: Generate more traffic to your website. Increase online purchases (sales). Get conversions. Increase your brand recognition. Accelerate the growth of relevant followers for your brand. Build a community or audience to interact with it. Increase engagement by growing Retweets, likes, and mentions. Make your brand known and generate interest in your audience. Obtain indicators of advertising investment.

Twitter Analytics Twitter Analytics is a practical service.  That allows you to know the evaluation of the contents of a brand account. To measure the impact of the ads created with Twitter Ads. This way you will be able to have month-to-month statistics.  To have outstanding tweets according to their performance.  Know the Latvia Phone Number indicators of each tweet, and receive information from your audience. This service allows you to track your advertising campaigns on Twitter, and see the results developed in a timely and accurate manner. Twitter Analytics can give you details about: The number of impressions.

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The number of interactions The interaction rate To know more precise statistics about your interactions, the tool allows you to have specific data about your interactions such as: video views Link Clicks Click on photos or videos I like Retweets Answers detailed extensions Profile Clicks Ad targeting ad targeting Given that Twitter is a microblogging social network, and is present in more than 100 countries, brands must provide exact data to their users in places, languages, gender, interests, among others, to achieve the company’s objectives. Thus, you can connect with your specific target. For this reason, Twitter offers multiple relevant segmentations that will help you define the audiences.

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where you want to advertise your products or services. Next, we show you the segmentations that Twitter has implemented so that your brand is positioned before your indicated audience: Language: It is important to define the language of the target audience. However, it is an option that can be omitted when the country we are going to speaks the same language as the advertiser. Gender: Target your campaign message to men, women, or both. Interests: The interests are based on categories, which you can select and according to said interests, you will be able to reach users who align with your business and that will help you to have better success in your campaign. Followers: You can select followers or influencers who share the same followers as your brand.

Other Ways to Segment

When you (follow a follower), you must take into account that he has a significant universe of followers so that the cost per interaction is not high. Device: Being able to define which devices your users use the most will help you target your ads for mobile devices or computers. Behavior: Knowing buying and spending patterns will help you connect and interact with them. Unfortunately, this option is not active for Latin America, and is only enabled for the United States. Other ways to segment Personalized audiences: Having personalized audiences will allow you to direct your advertising to a specific audience, either to people who have visited a certain page or to a list of users that the company has. To do this, you can use custom CMR lists to focus on reaching specific groups on Twitter.

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