AztraZeneca has put online a new version of its French institutional website . Beyond the improvements relating to design and navigation, the user experience has been enriched with new content including Georgia Email List information intended for the general public . This information takes the form of a health dictionary, various medical scores and a first aid kit.

This update of the French website is part of a strategy for publishing health content intended for the general public . In September 2012, in partnership with the Asthma & Allergies association, AstraZeneca launched Asthmaclic , an asthma educational website. This has an informative part to ensure a better understanding of the disease for the patient and his entourage and an interactive part where the Internet user must identify triggers and aggravating factors of asthma in five environments. The objective of this interactive course is to help the Internet user to manage asthma on a daily basis .

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In April 2012, it was Bipolife , an interactive psychoeducational tool dedicated to bipolar disorders that AstraZeneca launched in collaboration with Ubisoft and Area Effect. The Internet user is required to control a virtual avatar suffering from bipolar disorder and to interact with his environment. These interactions will be at the origin of positive or negative evolution of the mood of his avatar. By this process Bipolife aims to improve the daily life of people with bipolar disorders by developing their knowledge about the disease and the behaviors likely to influence its evolution. The validity of the information transmitted through this virtual route is supervised by a scientific committee. Once again, this project aims to help the patient to cope with his illness in everyday life.

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This global strategy, centered on patient access to quality information, is in our opinion entirely relevant. Thus, for Bipolife, AstraZeneca was able to both rely on partners whose know-how is recognized in their field such as Ubisoft and ensure the reliability and objectivity of the information disseminated through the supervision of ‘an independent scientific committee.

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The days when pharmaceutical companies were mere sellers of tablets are definitely over! Place in communication 3.0 where the manufacturer takes place in the health system as a supplier but also as a partner of information for the general public: adherence to treatment, good habits, prevention …

This communication strategy is in our opinion well thought out and includes several elements that we consider important and which are part of the inbound marketing process: editorial strategy defined and in line with the activity of the Cleveland Clinic, high frequency of publication , quality of content, accessibility of content on mobile devices, distribution of content using social media and adaptation to the specific communication features of each platform used for distribution … An example to follow!


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