This service provides overseas users with the Vietnam Phone Number ability to answer questions online in a certain discipline. The questioner can take a photo of his question and upload it to the app. And the background will automatically identify the question in the picture by intelligent ocr. And match the data in the question bank to find the corresponding question. Solution and answer. Therefore, And then send the data back to the app front desk. As I mentioned in the review article on Vietnam Phone Number permission design based on roles & attributes. Therefore,  The project I am currently participating in is the middle stage of resource production. To put it bluntly. It is when the internal business of the company needs certain resources (such as education business needs topic resources) . E-commerce business needs competitive price resources. Real estate business needs housing data resources. Etc.). They can choose to contact the resource production center.

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Therefore, At the same time. In order to improve the ability to Vietnam Phone Number digest production needs. Zhongtai has also developed a corresponding crowdsourcing business. Freelancer groups such as full-time nurses with high education. College students. And part-time teachers can register as producers through our crowdsourcing platform. Take orders to help digest the resource collection demands of the business department. So that you can also earn an extra Vietnam Phone Number income for yourself. In terms of business. Our crowdsourcing platform just has the corresponding manual production capacity. That is to say. Questions that cannot be answered by intelligent matching of question banks can be transferred to the crowdsourcing platform. And freelancer will manually answer them. Submit it into the question bank. And then flow back to the user of the app.

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However, Including users with english problem-solving skills. But these users have expensive problems. If a problem needs to be answered Vietnam Phone Number within 10 minutes .  If batch docking payment is made at this price. The business may be in a state of indemnity. Which will violate the middle platform. The original intention of this improvement. Secondly. The labor price Vietnam Phone Number in india is low. After investigation. It was found that if an indian freelancer producer was asked to answer a question. The production cost of a single question for an indian freelancer producer would be only 40 per question. Starting from rupees (equivalent to rmb 3). This price is very attractive to local part-time college students in india. Therefore.

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