NetR is a platform providing Mauritania Email List and structured health data in a secure, labeled and annotated manner for the uses of data science in health, and in particular for artificial intelligence. Concretely, we structure health data directly in the field, within hospitals and clinics, and we set up labeled and qualified databases; our value is in the transformation and cleaning of data, an often long and complex step for manufacturers and other start-ups in the MedTech ecosystem who then wish to develop uses around this data. Our language processing algorithms are able to analyze large volumes of medical reports, and allow us to extract the relevant information to build a structured, fully labeled database. What problem do you want

to answer with NetR? We want to solve the problem of access to health data! It is a real challenge nowadays, and for all those involved in health, doctors, industrialists, hospitals… I have been able to experience it myself in my professional activity. Indeed, an engineer by training (from the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne), I continued my studies in medicine. I am currently a radiology intern in Paris. My two hats, both engineer and doctor, quickly made me ask myself questions about the raw material that I dreaded on a daily basis … the medical image and therefore health data. I especially saw the importance of this data, the

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difficulty of having a structured and valued data. With NetR, we act to promote innovation by simplifying access to data, How did you decide to become an entrepreneur and create NetR? I entered entrepreneurship out of opportunity. I was approached by an Entrepreneur First pre-team incubator and I was selected from among 2,000 candidates to participate in their team building program. This was decisive because after pitching my idea I was able to find my future partner! We are very complementary with Baptiste, which is the strength of our team; he has a technical profile and experience in web projects, and


entrepreneurship. This meeting allowed me to remove my doubts and get started! Indeed, we embarked on the adventure without too much risk thanks to a 6-month support, funded by the incubator and we had won a place at Station F. What is your assessment on NetR? NetR has been around for almost a year now, still hosted at Station F and now incubated in the Brain and Spinal Cord Institute (ICM) iPEPS program. The environment we enjoy at Station F is extremely dynamic and innovative, which is fortunate and brings us new challenges and opportunities every day. The objective we set ourselves at the start of the year was

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simple: to validate the market and understand how to position ourselves in a complex and very competitive sector. For that, we tested, questioned, tried, failed and also succeeded in moving forward. Moreover, on the whole, we are very proud and happy with the progress made; firstly because we went faster than expected, and also because we advocated a frugal approach for our beginnings (what the good start-upper calls in Frenglish “bootstrapper”), which a posteriori was, I believe, a very good choice. And by the way, where does the name “NetR” come from? NetR is a reference to Dr. Frank Netter, an American surgeon well known to

medical students, who illustrated anatomy atlases with incredible talent. It is also a mash-up between “network” and “doctor”. At NetR, we believe in the power of collective intelligence and we are convinced that the medical tradition can be used to improve the medicine of tomorrow. What are the next steps ? Today, NetR is growing fast and we need to expand the team to develop. The coming months will be mainly devoted to developing the team and moving forward on the construction of the product. We initially verticalized our skills and efforts on one type of data – medical imaging – but we want to be able to process

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