If you are a website owner or editor and take a close look at your Google Analytics account , you are probably still seeing the same trend: your Belgium Email Lists is stable or fluctuates slightly throughout the week and drops sharply on Saturdays and Sundays. Sunday, and then return to “normal” on Monday morning.

Why this trend? Are we all doomed to see our traffic curve yo-yo tirelessly every week? Not necessarily… In fact, even though statistically the vast majority of websites are in this situation, your website traffic curve will generally depend on your industry , the behavior of your consumers and the type of products and services you have. to offer.

Weekends are good for sites and mobile applications

When trying to find a cause for the drop in traffic volume observed on weekends, a logical explanation becomes obvious: a lot of people go out and have activities on weekends, and therefore spend less time on their computer to surf the net. Right answer.

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Yes, but what about smartphones and tablets ? Indeed, whether we are having a family meal or camping, our smartphone never leaves us and it is very likely that we use it to carry out research on the web or use our favorite mobile applications. Just take a look at the 2 images below showing Google search traffic to be sure. In the first image, search traffic from a desktop or laptop computer declines on weekends and “bounces” the following Monday. It’s a classic trend after all. On the other hand, the search volume from a mobile device follows the opposite path and increases from Saturday.

Traffic vs conversion rate

Another very important factor to take into account is your industry . Does your business publish content that is easy to read in the office between files? Perhaps your daily articles represent daily recreation for your readers? Or is your content primarily educational and read by professionals at their workplace? In this case, it is only natural that you register your peak traffic on weekdays, when everyone is working . There is therefore a close relationship with your readers between your website and their workplace.. They are used to reading you when they are working and probably don’t visit your site on Saturdays and Sundays for this reason. This will be especially true for all B2B sites as a rule, where reading articles or buying products related to your business can be an integral part of daily business activities.

On the other hand, if you are active in the B2C sector , it is possible that the drop in traffic is less marked. Since it is generally frowned upon for an employee to surf Amazon or Hotel.com during their working hours, consumers are more likely to visit these sites during their leisure hours, especially on weekends. It is therefore interesting in this case to look not at your volume of visits but rather at your conversion rate , which will therefore be higher in the evening and during the weekend. Which means your B2C site will see more qualified visits on Saturdays and Sundays rather than the week , even if the traffic is less.

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