A touch of endorphin, a touch of Montenegro Email List and a supplement of adrenaline, sport is the perfect combination to experience unique emotions while constantly pushing your limits. Technological developments are not trivial to all this dynamic. They are even closely linked to this quest for performance and self-knowledge. Technology has made it possible to democratize the practice of sport At a time when health figures in the foreground, taking care of yourself and your body sounds like an imperative for a large majority of French people. Everyone can now follow an à la carte sports program for free or at an affordable price. Long

reserved for a minority, personalized coaching is now just a click away. Plethora of applications are available, each promising a unique method [1] . There is something for all tastes, all rhythms and all places. In an increasingly fluid and unstructured daily life, we need to take time for ourselves while dealing with our irregular and unpredictable agendas. The rise of the Internet and associated technologies allows everyone to practice flexible, diversified, or even tailor-made sports. Depending on their free time, their good resolutions, their motivation, users download them, test them, adopt them or even delete them. Julie, consultant, has already tested 4 since the beginning of the year. “I wanted to do some muscle building

Technology Offers A Field Of Sharing Beyond

before resuming the race. I also wanted to try yoga in the morning before going to work, I only heard good things about starting the day with this kind of practice ”. Like many people, Julie turned to applications in order to get back in shape on the one hand, but also to try a new sport at her own pace and in peace at home. Most applications offer a free exercise database. They then encourage users to take out a subscription in order to benefit from more comprehensive support. More and more applications are promoting comprehensive support combining physical exercises, nutritional program and advice on living


well (sleep, stress management, etc.). Behind these new kings of coaching we find famous sports brands, entrepreneurs who have seized the vein, enthusiasts who have become entrepreneurs and above all certified coaches. On Julie’s phone, 10 months after her various tests, there are only two applications left relating to her sports practice. “For the race, I quickly approached a community of runners and I now have the application associated with my connected watch. I kept and even subscribed to a meditation app. The ease of use and access to a practice that I didn’t know how to start on my own are the two elements that

Technology Fuels The Race For Continuous Improvement

motivated my choice ”. With its touching effigy of a Buddhist monk, this latest application launched in 2014 seduces 4000 new people every day [2] . Sign of the societal trend in favor of well-being, part of the subscription to this application is reimbursed by a mutual, an insurtech to be more precise. So even if most users uninstall the application after 6 to 12 months, the contract is fulfilled: “I give myself regenerative breaks and I can feel my progress” Julie explained to us. Thanks to technology, we can now try, put aside, adopt a sport or even a new philosophy on a daily basis. And above all, we are no longer alone to meet

reliability of information. Some unfounded methods can be put forward by influencers or strangers to the very detriment of our health. Even though technology has democratized the practice of sport, it is important to refer to licensed / certified professionals. SHARE – Internet is a place of sharing and communication. From leisure sport to high-level practice, many people like to share their practice, their goals, their doubts or even share their feedback. Social networks are highly acclaimed channels by high level athletes to show their daily life, their shadow work, and share their emotions. The codes have changed. Long inaccessible, they now cultivate a certain closeness with their fans. Everyone thus asserts their personality and can

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