The fanpage. When one is published it will appear in the news section of your community and in your feed. We emphasize that when creating an event you must include a name and type of event. In addition, you must select whether the admission is free or paid and the location where it will take place. Events have three responses: I will attend, Maybe and I will not attend. We emphasize that you can invite persons of interest or make a mass invitation. Also, this invitation will reach users as a notification. We believe it is important to note that when a user responds that they will attend, a publication will automatically be shared in the news section and the event will be visible to their friends. That is, it will reach more people than those who have been invited.

Also, users can invite other people or they can share it in their feed or group. On the other hand, when someone in the community responds with I will not attend, the event is removed from their notifications. It is worth mentioning that this is useful to administrators for statistics. The “Maybe” response is also a way to passively Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number publicize the event. Next, we will mention the types of events on Facebook: Link – Add a link to an external event planning site so people know where to go when the event starts. Live : This is broadcast live on your fanpage and at the event. Other : In the event details, add instructions on how to participate. Offer: Among the types of posts on Facebook you make product promotions offer types of posts on Facebook Offers or promotion posts.

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on Facebook are product discounts that can with customers. And potential customers to encourage them to purchase on the fanpage or physical store. Please note that it is not possible to edit or delete an offer once it. Likewise, to carry out this type of publication, you must mention the percentage of discount that is going to and the expiration date. Story: Among the most Facebook post types story post types on facebook Stories are also as Facebook posts. These are not saved in the and their duration is 24 hours. They are direct posts that are by clicking the plus sign on the profile picture. Unlike a publication within the fanpage, here you can deselect the feed and only place it in History.

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Of all the characteristics of the stories, we highlight that they are the ideal medium to show everyday scenarios of your company. These are usually informal, familiar and without much preparation involved. We believe that the implementation of stories can be beneficial because it humanizes the brand , resulting in the follower approaching and identifying with the fanpage. On the other hand, the stories are the first thing you see when you start using the application. For this reason, we believe that as a brand you should take advantage of it and implement it to spread quality content. 10. Additional actions to perform within the types of posts on Facebook facebook post options Additional actions are free options within all posts on Facebook.

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These have been to give the opportunity to provide users. With more information without the need to load them with texts. In addition, they are interactive so they facilitate the capture of users. Receive messages Receive messages is an additional action.  That allows you to add a button to posts that opens a conversation with the page. That is, it makes it easier for users to get in touch with the fanpage . Also, you can add photos or videos to make it more attractive. History as location This type of action is so that a publication can in the stories of the fanpage. We emphasize that with it you will not be able to deselect your page feed. Likewise, to do so, you must select the History option of your page within the location. Feeling and activity Sentiments and activities are additional actions.

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