Your language Algeria Mobile Number List of the world you want information from. How many results would you like to see. Which emails receive the alert. Create an alert. You will start to receive emails on the topics you selected based on your settings. options-google-alerts Now that you’ve created your alerts, it’s time to start using them to your advantage. Monitor your competitors and partners Just as you can keep an eye out for mentions of your own brand, you can do the same for your competitors or business partners, like retailers or distributors. Keep an eye on their acquisition strategies or announcements of leadership changes.

What can you learn from the changes they make to their strategies? If your competitors are listed on the stock exchange, you will get information about their financial results and business activities. If, unfortunately, your competition is in dire financial straits, you will also be able to find out. Thanks to Google Alerts, you can also get an idea of ​​the PR (Public Relations) strategy of your competitors. Identify RP and backlink opportunities With Google Alerts, you can see where your customer is focusing their PR or communications efforts. Does he work with content creators and bloggers? Does he publish articles in specialized magazines in his industry?

Moderate Your Ugc Content

Does it work with affiliate partners? meme-backlink-alert From a purely SEO point of view, these alerts mainly allow you to identify the media that talk about your brand without mentioning it through a link. Therefore, this will easily allow you to get in touch with the webmasters of those sites to ask them to add a backlink to the page of your site mentioned. Regarding competitors, beyond the analysis of the press relations strategy, you can also identify opportunities to insert your client or your company in media articles in which you do not appear and where your competitors are mentioned. If you follow general industry terms, you will be able to get a feel for what journalists and bloggers are writing as well as emerging trends.

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Enrich your content strategy Finally, take what you learn about your competition and your industry and apply it to your content strategy . How can you optimize the content of your blog or resources by answering questions or sensitive points covered in news articles? For example, for a client specializing in the sale of cosmetic products, we saw numerous articles published on the benefits brought by ellagic acid, in particular thanks to its antioxidant and anti-wrinkle effect. We informed our client about this trend and found that they offered several face creams and serums with this active ingredient. We therefore recommended not only to highlight ellagic acid in product sheets, but also to create guides and resources providing advice to consumers wishing to learn about the benefits of this popular cosmetic active ingredient.

Towards More Paid Models?

This survey focused on improving Google My Business services and profile updates, as well as how much businesses would be willing to pay for these services. Verified profiles and Google Guaranteed certification were among the options offered in the survey. At that time, we were rightly wondering if a premium subscription model was in the works on Google My Business.Subscription fees, for new or improved services, have been on the GMB product roadmap for some time, as Google seeks to attract VSEs and SMEs that have yet to invest in online advertising.

, or do not see the point. Google Ads has always had a high churn rate for small businesses. Of course, Google is also looking for ways to more directly monetize its Google My Business platform.If Google decides to roll out this badge system globally across the world, adoption is likely to be significant. Indeed, if you run an establishment and you notice that your neighbor (and direct competitor) sports this quality badge, it is a safe bet that you will want to get it too. Which is understandable. If we look at the client side, the choice is quickly made between an establishment certified by .

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