The American agency evokes a modification of the advertising content which is displayed before and after the videos potentially watched by children. Your digital agency will reveal the details of the project currently being considered by YouTube. More controlled children’s advertising content? Believed to be used by people 13 years of age or older, Google’s video network has been the target of accusations from child welfare organizations. Indeed, the latter attack the social media on the fact of not respecting the conditions of use that it sets, and of collecting this data without parental agreements. When we see the number of entertainment content (cartoons, etc.) for children under 13 on YouTube, we fully understand the reactions of these associations for the protection of children. According to a 2018 Pew Research Center study , the numbers completely confirm the fears.

After taking strict measures on comments on most videos with minors to tackle pedophile behavior online, Bloomberg has announced that YouTube is seeking to continue its prevention. Here are some notable figures for the youngest: 81% of parents of children under 11 have already let them watch videos on YouTube. 34% of parents say their kids watch videos YouTube on a regular basis. 64% of users come across videos that are unrelated to their search at times. 60% of users have already come across videos where people are behaving dangerous or problematic. 61% of parents who leave their children on YouTube have seen content that is inappropriate for young people. This leaves us even more perplexed by the situation, given that these numbers don’t even touch on the ads, but on the content of the videos.

Really costly measures for Google?

So it remains on the main version of YouTube.  While, the Wall Street Journal hinted at a drastic solution, Really costly measures for Google? These Iran Phone Number resolutions currently being explored could have consequences, both on YouTube and on the YouTube Kids application. If the measures taken were to see the light of day, the biggest consequence would be the loss of advertisers for YouTube. Already that YouTube Kids is much less interesting for these advertisers because there is no data collection, the removal of the ads on these contents for children will not help matters.

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If YouTube were to deploy this project. If you wish to have advice in your digital strategy, do not hesitate to contact our agency. An expert in social networks. Display of recipes on the mobile Viewing Revenue on Mobile SERPs – Source. Google seems to want to harmonize, little by little, its two versions, because indeed, the differences are rather pronounced. According to a SEMrush study , less than 15% of sites have the same position in search results on desktop and mobile. 28% of first page results on desktop are not among the top 10 results on mobile. We can even mention the loading speed of mobile SERPs.

More controlled children’s advertising content?

In its defense, YouTube can mention the creation of its YouTube Kids app, launched in 2015. The videos on this app are child friendly and there is no data collection. But unfortunately, the content for children has not been moved to this app in its entirety. In terms of numbers, YouTube will suffer an overall decline, estimated at $ 50 million according to Loup Ventures. But with two billion users, and a latest annual revenue of $ 137 billion. That wouldn’t be a huge loss for Google’s video platform. What to remember? How YouTube plans to define content not suitable for children remains to be seen. This is what child protection associations fear and they hope to see drastic measures. What to remember? While there has been no confirmation announcement, Google’s intentions point to a merger of SEO for desktop and mobile platforms.

Your SEO agency remains at your disposal to answer all your questions and to support you in your digital strategy. Google has always made changes to improve the quality of these tools. And, Smart Compose is the Mountain View giant’s latest creation for Google’s email service. Your digital agency tells you a little more. How does this new tool work? In 2018, according to a report.  There were more than 3.8 billion users in 2018, or half of the world’s population. Of course, we must highlight this last figure and specify. The average number of a user’s email accounts was 1.75. In other words, a user has several accounts for different practices.

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