There is a need for people at the ‘back’ of the tools, such as Austria Phone Number developers and data experts who, among other things, link the systems together and structure the data, make it available and build the campaigns. But you will not find well-qualified data-driven Austria Phone Number marketers and data scientists everywhere either. You can of course look for staff outside the Dutch ‘pond’, especially now that remote working is much more accepted. But we also expect that there will be more collaboration with agencies.

These Models Basic

Parts of the work will be outsourced for the longer Austria Phone Number term, so that companies can be sure that they can carry out their plans. Outsourcing parts of the process may not be a good idea. On the one hand, because the rates will rise due to the shortage Austria Phone Number of qualified personnel, which the agencies also have to deal with. On the other hand, because many large advertisers want to organize as much expertise ‘in-house’ as possible. Or at the very least be able to direct it yourself. Companies will have to offer competitive salaries, but above all growth and development opportunities and a nice working atmosphere with great colleagues.

Knowledge Is Useful

Austria Phone Number

It is a challenge to keep good people on board and to Austria Phone Number guarantee continuity. Marketing agencies can play a role in this. 5. Centralization in the market and marketing automation platforms In recent years, we have seen more and more takeovers Austria Phone Number in the email marketing and marketing automation world in the Netherlands. This is partly to enable international growth and a broadening of services. Examples of this are: Tripolis, Spotler and Flowmailer are now part of the Spotler Group, which also includes CDP Squeezly.

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