You can do this Jordan Phone Number List editing these pages to improve them or by removing them completely. It’s time to get started! The EAT is something Google takes very seriously. This term is mentioned 135 times in its Search Quality Rater Guidelines. With such emphasis placed on this topic in these guidelines, it can be assumed that Google’s algorithm takes EAT very seriously. We had proof in the updated Google Medic Update published in 2018. Now is the time for you to take EAT seriously, too.

Creating a high EAT degree for your website won’t happen overnight, but if you strategize around the steps we’ve outlined above, you’ll have a good chance of being considered by Google as a quality player, ranked in the top of search results.INFOGRAPHIC: 10 SEO actions to put in place during containment Containment is obviously a difficult time for everyone. However, this can be an opportunity to look at actions that you would never have taken the time to take to optimize the SEO of your site. Our SEO agency produced an infographic illustrating 10 SEO quick wins that it would be relevant to put in place to make the most of the free time you will have during this period of confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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During containment take the time to look at these 10 SEO ACTIONS : REVITALIZE YOUR PAGES: Identify orphaned or too deep pages that have organic traffic potential and boost them with internal links. REFRESH YOUR CONTENT: Instead of creating new pages, check that old content covers the topics and update the information to leverage its authority. HARNESS YOUR QUERIES IN 2ND PAGE: Identify relevant queries for which your site ranks 2 nd page in search engines and optimize the associated pages to push in 1 st TARGET A LOW KEYWORD DIFFICULTY: this score used by SEMrush assesses the degree of difficulty in ranking on a keyword.

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Try to conquer new queries with a low score to be visible quickly and acquire organic traffic. RESUCATE YOUR BACKLINKS: some of your received backlinks perhaps point to pages that no longer exist. Make sure to redirect these erroneous pages in order to transfer the “link juice” transmitted by the backlinks to existing pages. CLAIM MENTIONS TO YOUR SITE: some sites use your information or images as sources without mentioning your site through a backlink. So do not hesitate to ask the webmasters of these sites to include a link. MAKE GUEST BLOGGING: take the time to make yourself known as an expert by posting quality articles on sites open to guest articles.

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Sometimes these sites will accept the inclusion of a link to a page on your site if it is relevant to the reader. ADJUST YOUR DUPLICATED CONTENT : Using crawlers like Screaming Frog or OnCrawl, check that you don’t have pages with too similar content and titles . OPTIMIZE YOUR ALT ATTRIBUTES: visual search being one of the big evolutions of the coming years, remember to fill in the ALT attribute of your images with a precise text description. SEARCH search your CONSOLE: the Webmaster gives you the “technical health” of your site and how Google treats. Take the time to analyze the indexing of your pages (in the “Coverage” section) and pay attention to the improvements recommended by the tool.

Wrong or incorrectly typed URLs Often times, the internet user is impatient and their big fingers typing too fast on their keyboard are the most inevitable cause of 404 error pages. Often, error pages occur because the URL was typed incorrectly. There’s not much you can do about it and it’s best to ignore them and leave them 404.John’s response Faced with this situation, John Mueller replied that it wasrecommended to have a reduced number of pages when the site went live. The problem is that if too many pages are created from the launch of the site.

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