To reiterate an important point: 46% percent indicate that Slovenia Phone Number they label too salesy content as low quality. The reader can really make the link between the article and the sender’s offer. Getting Start with Thought Leadership Content The above numbers from Slovenia Phone Number the research give direction to what content must comply with. But how do you start Slovenia Phone Number creating thought leadership content? 6 tips: Make sure your content matches the vision and themes of your organization. In this way they reinforce each other and it matches the experience of your target group.

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Clearly map out your target audience, know what Slovenia Phone Number its biggest concerns and challenges are. Determine how you want to move your target group. Be aware of your current profiling. What are you currently radiating and is this in line with the Slovenia Phone Number authority you want to be? Adjust this as need. Determine your story and vision. How can you guide others? On which themes do you want to be recognize and recognize? Start actively writing Slovenia Phone Number articles, white papers, opinion pieces, blogs, etc. Make sure that this content reinforces each other, create ‘share stories’ that add up to your vision. All this takes time, but see it as an investment.

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Not only for your organization, but also for Slovenia Phone Number yourself. By regularly coming out with valuable insights, you will notice that your authority grows. Good thought leadership content can rub off Good thought leadership content has depth and is valuable. It Slovenia Phone Number not only makes the reader think, it also moves her. It’s not safe, middle-of-the-road content, it’s allowe to rub. The recipient wants to be inspire. Save the ‘snacks’ to boost the content Slovenia Phone Number and don’t be afraid if an article takes up three A4 pages. The content must be brought by a person with expertise. An expert with a human tone, who is not afraid to express a point of view.

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