We wanted to solve the problem of too Tunisia Phone Number List cables and the lack of ergonomics to charge our electronic devices. Initially, it was a student project when we were at Télécom Paris, in 2014: We carried out a project whose general theme was “the energies of the future”. We asked ourselves how to have access to energy for electronic devices as easily as we have access to our data in the cloud. When we started the project, the wireless charging technologies were all inductive, and they all had the same limitations and what is more, multiple: the need to position the device very precisely above the charging coil, the slow charging

overheating, interference from the magnetic field, and the high cost of integrating into a device. Our technology is conductive and allows these limits to be exceeded. What were the biggest challenges for Energysquare? Our ambition is to become the new industrial standard for wireless charging and to sell this standard to manufacturers, so that they can integrate it into their devices. We have just signed a partnership with Lenovo in this direction. However, the sales cycles are very long: you have to convince market players that this is the right standard, that is to say that it is functional and that it can be industrialized, this represents a great challenge. To meet this challenge, we focused on manufacturing a physical product

What Were The Biggest Challenges

during the first two years: a charging surface for tablets and smartphones. To do this, we launched a crowdfunding on Kickstarter and registered 1,500 pre-orders. And at the end of 2017, we pivoted towards a license sales approach, using this first experience to show the robustness of the technology and its interest to users. Then, we continued to do pilots with large groups to convince people of the existing need on the market and of the reliability of the product. Moreover, the sales director of Energysquare is in contact with certain large groups who want to eliminate the cables that have become too numerous and restrictive for the

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flex office.. Why are you an entrepreneur and not an employee? This project was already close to our hearts when we were students, and we wanted to push it as far as possible. Our ambition was to develop this technology and become a major player in wireless charging. It is therefore natural that we embarked on this project full time, with which we had obtained enough evidence to allow us to gain momentum. What support did you receive at the start of the project? We have been very supported by our school, as well as by our teachers, both technologically and entrepreneurially. We also benefited from a year and a half of support at

Why Are You An Entrepreneur

the Telecom Paris incubator, and fundraising at the end of 2017 brought us business angels, their experience, their network and their strategic vision. We have therefore always been very well surrounded. Energysquare today? In short, it’s the next standard in wireless charging. At CES 2020 (Consumer Electronic Show), we announced a partnership with Lenovo to integrate our technology into a range of their devices. We are also in advanced testing with other manufacturers of electronic devices. Today we are a team of 8 people, and plan to be a big fortnight by the end of the year. The consequences of development?

The short and medium term objective is for mass products to integrate our technology and therefore to become a standard for the load of devices in the workspace, and a standard of load on other market verticals such as education or industry, where electronic devices are more and more numerous. resources made available. This project allows the laboratory to progress in terms of customer knowledge and allows it to feed a process of personalization of the offer. This Extranet project has made the company evolve: Communication channels with distributors are simplified and homogenized Customers and their uses are better understood The offer becomes more consistent with the customer’s needs by exploiting this

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