For the past fifteen years, we Algeria WhatsApp Number List been living in an expansion of cloud computing services and technology virtualization. Web services excel in their fields like Netflix in streaming, and many services are looking to make the transition from local servers to web servers because it allows them to be accessed from anywhere and with more security. However, virtualization and cloud giants, such as VMware or Citrix, only cater for huge boxes while SMEs (250 employees or less) also have these virtualization and security needs and many software remain today. ‘hui exclusively for local use. What is the added value of Flaneer compared to the DaaS or SaaS services of giants like Amazon?

Big names in cloud computing like Amazon, although offering a virtualization This is where Flaneer comes in: we aim to offer all our users the possibility of using any software, even those that only exist locally (such as academic software) or require a lot of power. calculation or a graphics card (graphics, CAD, modeling software, etc.), with all the advantages of a SaaS application. You can then use any software without having to download it on your computer, without worrying about its power, and work remotely from anywhere service that meets demand, have several disadvantages. First, they are quite complex to configure and require some technical knowledge.

What problem does Flaneer respond

Second, when you create a server instance at Amazon, the resources you reserve for it remain allocated even when you log off, if only for data storage, which quickly becomes quite expensive. This is one of the main flaws of these cloud services. Going through Flaneer not only reduces costs since by centralizing requests, we benefit from far more advantageous prices than individuals, but also and above all an optimization of the use of resources: when you close your session, your data is saved outside of the virtual machine you were in, then the virtual machine is destroyed to free up resources that can be used by another user. They are restored in a new VM,


Flaneer offers a service within everyone’s reach since it is our algorithms that manage the creation, configuration and operation of the servers, with in addition to that an adaptation of these parameters according to the real needs to optimize the expenses. It also adds a security benefit since the virtual machine is destroyed every time the customer stops using it. Finally, and this is a major advantage of Flaneer, we offer IT management tools based on our machine learning algorithms to allow group administration, for example for accounts of companies or schools or universities. As mentioned above, virtual machines are destroyed and created every time you open or close your user session.

What is the added value

We are trying to break into the education sector. Schools and universities have a strong need for IT management and automation of access to various software, whether they exist in SaaS version or not. There are also SMEs for internal management as well as for security. Finally, companies using the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) system internallymust be able to provide their employees with the means necessary to carry out work of the quality required of them. With Flaneer, it would be possible for everyone to have access to resources adapted to the needs of their work while working with their own computers

This management of VMs (turning them on, configuring them, transferring stored data, etc.) is automated. Machine learning makes it possible to optimize this management, in particular through prediction algorithms based on customer uses. ML also plays a role at the backend level to improve the visual experience, i.e. the streaming of screen pixels between the virtual machine on which the software runs, and the user computer, in particular in cases where the client has only a weak connection. without worrying about their technical specifications and while allowing the implementation of BYOD. The same goes for the large number of Chromebook users, whose utilities are quickly limited to services running on ChromeOS.

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