With Knowa, we wanted to New Caledonia Email List to the challenges of structuring information exchanges starting from governance at the executive level of organizations which today are more and more complex, the teams being scattered, and increasingly decentralized since at the both internal and external. Knowa presents itself as “Complex governance, made simple”. We started with the UK defined benefit pension fund industry (2TR of liabilities) – in which we operate through our firm Zephyrus. This industry is managed by trustees (with a function of independent non-executives), who operate through an outsourced management (external consultants), in collaboration with their employer. As such, we find there all the ingredients of a complicated

governance: many external service providers intervene and the trustees must exchange and collaborate in their own ecosystem (the Board, the councils and the regulator) but also with their employer while respecting the “Chinese walls”. There is therefore a tension between collaboration and the need to respect private exchanges. The USP of Knowa is to be able to connect private spaces of governance in a “connected” space where negotiations take place. Today, collaboration is done by e-mail, which poses three major problems: a) the e-mail is not a collaborative tool and b) with the e-mail we lose the physical property of our information (we no longer control the destination of an email once sent), c) the emails lose the link

What Support At The Start Of The Project

with the documents exchanged and therefore knowledge. With Knowa, we wanted to create a collaborative system where trustees once again become owners of their information and all documents. The information exchanged is done in a simple and intuitive way (avoiding the pitfalls of current collaborative tools like Slack or Teams which are too “chatty”). We are moving from the “all over the place” paradigm to “all in one place” with a particular focus on the UI (it must be simple, To sum up our solution: if Slack and DropBox had a child, and this one had taken the best qualities of each of his parents, his name would be Knowa. Team,


Human, Business, Businessman, Finger How did you start the project? We launched Knowa two years ago. The need first came from our firm Zephyrus – Knowa has become our internal tool – then from our clients. Knowa therefore replaced email internally at Zephyrus, then we offered it to our customers. The use of Knowa has made it possible to massively increase the productivity of our teams, particularly in the on-boarding phase of our new consultants who have access to knowledge in two clicks. As our clients were enthusiastic, we wanted to offer our solution to players who were not yet our clients and this ultimately went

The Consequences Of Development

beyond the framework of pension funds; because Knowa is interesting for managing transactions in M&A contexts (from due diligence to sale), for managing a co-ownership, for a private equity company or a family office that wishes to manage its investments and relations with its shareholders / family members, to manage a joint venture etc. Knowa is the crossing of the structured accumulation of knowledge and the desire to share while avoiding the dispersion of this knowledge and information, by bringing them together on the same platform (idea of ​​the Ark of Noé or Noa Arch in English), while resolving the contradiction

between collaboration and “chinese walls”. Why are you an entrepreneur and not an employee? I started my career working in an investment bank then I resigned in 2006 to set up my first company. As an employee, I was frustrated because I came up with lots of ideas and business plans that I liked but never materialized. So I chose to get started, I am a dreamer driven by strong convictions and a desire to achieve: this is my definition of an entrepreneur. You are never better served than by yourself when you believe in your project. What support at the start of the project? I created a first box without really thinking about the partner with

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