READ MORE 6 advantages of advertising on Google Remember that.  If you want to learn more about this tool, we have a course in Adity.  Where we want the student to understand the main and most important concepts of digital analytics. Classes are online with an expert teacher in the area. We want our students to learn how to manage analytics.  And marketing tags on their website and learn.  The keys to success in collecting vital data on user behavior on a website.  Taking into account the most important KPIs and measure and interpret.  Every action that is part of a digital strategy. Get to know our complete.  Digital Analyst Program and get trained for your next digital job. One way to know everything that happens with your website is with Google Tag Manager.  But first, we will tell you what it is about.

The reasons to use Google Tag Manager on your website.  Tag Manager is a platform that Google made available to facilitate the configuration.  Implementation of code tags, of your web page. Thus, you will be able to measure and know the interaction.  That your site has with your clients, in one place. Google Tag Manager.  You can measure Greece Phone Number without being an expert on the subject.  We invite you to get to know the platform, discover it and learn from it. With the fact of knowing some terms and learning to create labels for your website. You will be able to activate what you need to measure and thus be able to visualize.  Your opportunities or possibilities for improvement on your page.

Your Campaigns in Google Ads

Something not minor, you will have absolute control We always depend on the programmer, it’s true!, but not here. You will be able to see what is happening with your site, track the entire user experience and thus plan your work according to the data you are viewing or the interests you have according to your strategy. For example, if you have several calls to action, you can individualize them and see their behavior or know the income to specific pages. Google Tag Manager It allows you to experiment and try, try and try It has a preview where you can see what you are doing, verify if it is what you are looking for or see possible errors before you activate what you are looking to measure. And, if after a few days, you think that what you activated was not a good idea, you can go back to the latest version.

Greece Phone Number

Easily integrates with Google services : Being a tool of the Google family, it is very easy to integrate with its other services, you will realize that you will not have major problems when looking for an integration with Google Analytics, Google Adwords, DoubleClick, Google Optimize and Google Surveys. READ MORE 6 advantages of advertising on Google And finally, it is an important tool if you have e-commerce You can follow up, for example, include a Google tag on the thank you page and check your transactions. We invite you to discover this tremendous tool, which is otherwise free! If you want to learn more about Google Tag Manager and digital metrics, we invite you to discover our complete program at Adity.

Tool if You Have E-commerce

where you can learn from an expert on how to measure successfully.In the last article, the 7 steps of how to run a Google Ads campaign were presented . Now, we will tell you how to carry out the first follow-ups in Google Ads. The importance of tracking every day in Google Ads Remember that optimizing was point 7, so managing them is a fundamental part of achieving the objectives set. We will start by pointing out that you must track every day and thus keep track of what happens with the budget you allocated and with the conversions you are looking for. The first thing is to observe what it is throwing in macro terms, for this we invite you to enter your account, click on campaigns and let’s begin to review the performance of each campaign that you have in force.

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