Meanwhile’s main mission is to Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List committed and eco-responsible creators. “Meanwhile” means “meanwhile”: the big industrialists are mass producing and polluting the planet. “Meanwhile”, a new wave of entrepreneurs and creators decided to produce differently, more responsible and environmentally friendly solutions. It is a time of the (ecological) transition towards a better way of life for our health, the environment and future generations. Meanwhile is a collective of eco-responsible designers and an online store (marketplace) offering everyday items from committed brands. Meanwhile offers ethical, ecological and sustainable alternatives, always with style, in the world of fashion, accessories, decoration and well-being.

Meanwhile values Meanwhile Boutique’s promise of value What were the origins of the Meanwhile project? I am a former compulsive shopper. I changed my lifestyle and my drinking habits a few years ago and found that I didn’t need so much. On the other hand, I have always liked to hunt in the markets, second-hand shops, to meet artisans, who in my opinion are all too often in the shadow of the big industrial brands. In parallel with my work, I got involved in an association for the promotion of creators and crafts. It was a first step towards an eco-responsible approach. Finally, the observation was very real and shared:

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an Ademe study (2019) shows that 80% of French people have changed their habits to reduce the impact of their consumption. I have therefore embarked on the Meanwhile adventure since the beginning of the year, full time, to give as many people as possible the opportunity to consume responsibly with committed creators. Home page of the Meanwhile Boutique website What is your background ? I followed a course in business schools, communication and advertising; I obtained a Bachelor in Advertising, Marketing and Communication then a Master in Marketing and Management of Luxury Industries. I first worked in many


sectors (events, luxury, fashion, cinema, etc.) then in an advertising agency, going into tourism in the US and Australia, and even in wine and oenology to find a vineyard in Saint-Emilion for an individual. Creating Meanwhile was therefore for me a life project because it allowed me to combine my skills in communication, digital marketing and public relations with my passions of responsible and committed consumption. I come from the digital world, so it was obvious for me to design and develop an e-commerce service; I had already had the idea a few years ago after my experience with Monsieur Marcel (of Le Slip Français). What’s great about the digital world is that you can test a lot more easily; if the e-shop works well, you are almost

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guaranteed to have a physical clientele. Manon Fargelat, founder of Meanwhile Boutique Can you tell us more about the services offered by Meanwhile? Meanwhile targets three distinct audiences: the consumer, the creator and the reseller. For the consumer, we offer an online platform with a wide choice of responsible designers ranging from fashion accessories to cosmetics and home decoration products. Consumers can look for products that interest them according to the values ​​to which the creator responds: upcycling, eco-responsible, plastic-free, social impact, vegan , made in France, etc. For the creator, we offer a flexible and

automated marketplace, on which he can deposit his products, add the values ​​of his brand and his history and manage his stocks. We also offer shared services for the entire collective because we know that creators often have neither the time nor the money to carry out these activities: distribution, promotion (communication, events, etc.), training, sales. For example, we created a partnership with a press attaché, a production studio (the 1st photoshoot will take place in November) and organized our 1st event with a shared stand at the Smmmile which took place in September at La Villette. . Finally, for resellers, we are developing a B2B offer, because we believe that in order to reach as many people as possible, it will go

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