Implementing an effective inbound marketing strategy requires a lot of rigor and preparation. There is a lot to do between creating content , setting up Call-To-Action and landing pages , writing newsletters or Bermuda Email Lists your presence on social media . In the heat of the moment, your choices and decisions will usually be driven by your reading of the situation, your previous work experience, and your instincts.

You don’t really have time to test each of your actions, measure results, and make assumptions. However, by doing so, you could motivate each of your decisions with quantified, tested and evaluated data and thus significantly improve the performance of your general inbound marketing strategy .

Optimize what works, eliminate what doesn’t with an AB test

The A / B test (or A / B testing ) is a test method that allows you to compare marketing variables with each other in order to identify which one offers better results in a specific context or in front of a given audience. Basically, you run several experiments on 2 or more pages simultaneously in order to understand which elements received the most positive feedback on the test sample. You can then reuse these elements that best convert into other marketing actions to optimize your digital strategy .

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Biggest update since 2001
Hummingbird is nothing more and nothing less than a brand new search algorithm, which makes this tiny hummingbird the biggest upheaval in search results since 2001 ! According to early estimates from Google, over 90% of searches will be affected by this change (by comparison, Penguin was reaching less than 5% of queries when it launched). It is therefore a safe bet that we will witness some upheavals in Google rankings in the coming weeks.

A / B tests, a very inbound marketing technique

One of the goals of inbound marketing is to optimize its marketing actions to generate more visits, more leads and, ultimately, more customers. In this game, A / B tests are a powerful ally. But on which elements to carry out these experiments?

In fact, you can conduct A / B tests on all the components of your inbound marketing strategy which aim to interact with the Internet user, whether it is your website, the content of your articles, your emails or landing pages. By making minor changes to each of these elements, you can achieve truly amazing results! Let’s see together how to test and optimize the different elements of your inbound marketing strategy: 1) An A / B test on a landing page The nature of the offer: What offers are your customers most interested in? An ebook or a webinar ? See which of the two converts the most leads to optimize your process;

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