Tumblr is a digital microblogging platform that allows its users to post images, texts, videos, links or quotes. In addition, you have the possibility to follow publications or profiles and to customize your feed according to your personal tastes. Launched on the world market in 2007, it managed to position itself as one of the favorite social networks of youth. Although currently it is no longer one of the social platforms that dominate the market, it still has users who continue to use it to share content. Active users: 475 million Country of Origin: United States 10. Sina Weibo: One of the most popular social networks sina weibo social network Sina Weibo is a very popular microblogging social network in China. It is characterized because.

it is very similar to Twitter in appearance and has functions similar to those of Facebook. Users of this application have the possibility of following other users, celebrities and businesses that are of interest to them. In addition, current content is usually shared. Active users: 212 million Country of Origin: China 11. WeChat: Among the most used Italy Phone Number social networks in China wechat as a popular social network WeChat is the first free instant messaging social network. This application is very similar to WhatsApp, with the difference that it includes the option to search for people around you. It was created in 2011 by Tencent and although it is not very popular in America and Europe, it is considered the most used social network in China. Active users: 1.151 million Country of Origin: China 12. Line: One of the most popular social networks line social network.

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Line is a mobile instant messaging application where you can send text, audio, video and image messages. In addition, VoIP calls can be made. This application is worldwide for its unique system of emoticons, which replace the traditional icons found on other communication platforms. It also has versions for PC, Mac and cell phones. Active users: 212 million Country of Origin: Japan 13. Flickr: Social network for professional photographers flickr social network Flickr is a website that allows you to exchange, store, organize, sell, search, and share images and videos online. In this social network you can find the largest community of photographers in the world, so if you want to venture as a professional in this area, we recommend having a profile.

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So you can share your quality content and work with them. In addition, Flickr provides the ease of accessing the various publications found within.  The platform without the need for a profile. Active users: 92 million Country of Origin: Canada 14. Pinterest: Among the most popular social networks on the market pinterest popular social network Pinterest is a platform where you can manage and share images and videos. It stands out because users have the possibility to save content of their liking in personal boards or pin boards. In addition, these collections are usually thematic and can with other users of the platform. They will be able to add and delete posts from these folders. It is worth mentioning that Pinterest is one of the favorite social networks.

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so companies have begun to implement it within their digital marketing strategy. Active users: 442 million Country of Origin: United States 15. Snapchat: One of the most influential social networks snapchat Snapchat is one of the favorite social networks of all time. It is by sending audiovisual content that automatically disappears from the receiver’s memory. Also, you can create a profile and share 24-hour stories to your contacts. This mobile platform created in 2010, managed to achieve popularity rapidly. That is why other applications copied their news. Active users: More than 229 million Country of Origin: United States Conclution. It is that social networks are here to stay and to be part of people’s daily lives . This is due to the great growth of technologies and the incorporation of these in daily life.

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