In this 3rd article linked to our dossier “The Month of Personal Data”, it is a question of questioning ourselves on the future of our freedoms in the Zambia Email Lists age and of dissecting the way in which social news influences our unconsciousness in the face of in defense of our most fundamental rights.

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The Borders Of Freedom

A few days after Friday 13 November: “Less freedom for more security”. This is the result of an Ifop poll for Le Figaro and RTL, which proposes to draw up a first inventory of what the French think after the attacks in Paris. They are 84% to be “ready to accept more controls and a certain limitation of (their) freedoms to better guarantee their safety” , that is to say more than 8 French out of 10. ”

Zambia Email Lists

Is it a real will or a statement driven by emotion? Does the answer to terrorism lie in the restriction of individual freedoms? Are the systems already in place insufficient or simply poorly exploited?

The Intelligence Act

After the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January, France passed the Intelligence Act which was adopted in July and gradually implemented. This law, which authorizes the state security services to intercept computer data to identify terrorist threats, had been approved by 69% of French people .

All on file? Never ! say the opponents. The #NiPigeonsNiEspions site brings together French companies in the digital sector against the generalized surveillance of the Internet which they consider ineffective and dangerous: “Putting the Internet under mass surveillance is to open the door to uncontrollable espionage, without any guarantee of results. for our safety. “

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