AMEC itself offers a handy tool for this via a framework . The Lebanon Phone Number following 7 steps are relevant: Objectives First, define the goals of your program. What is success? How do you make this measurable via KPIs? How are your communication goals relate to Lebanon Phone Number the organizational goals? Inputs This concerns the description of the target group(s) and the strategy to reach this target group(s) and to realize the communication objective(s). Activities These are Lebanon Phone Number the communication activities that you will perform. The translation of the strategy into resources aim at your target group(s). Outputs Did the efforts pay off? Then look here for qualitative and quantitative indicators.

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A handy classification according to PESO is offer in Lebanon Phone Number the framework: Paid, Earn, Share and Own media. You can look at changes compare to the starting situation before the start of your program. In terms of the volume of media messages, the range, the Lebanon Phone Number CTR, the tone of voice, and/or whether your desire core messages have also been adopte in the media reporting realize by PR . Outtakes What do these results (outputs) mean for the target group you Lebanon Phone Number are trying to reach with your communication message? Has awareness of your product or service increase, is your brand more considere? Do they visit your website more often or do they do more with your content? This also requires zero and one measurements to map out changes.

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Outcomes Here we look at the effects on the behavior Lebanon Phone Number of the target group. For example, can you demonstrate via Google Analytics that your campaign website has been visit more often during the campaign period? Has content been view properly? Have Lebanon Phone Number more leads been tappe? Impact What is the ultimate impact of all results on the Lebanon Phone Number organizational goals? Has anything change in your company’s reputation? Has the preference for your brand increase? Have you manage to stop impactful legislation? Have you been able to identify better, more effective use of communication tools? Communication strategy framework 2. What ‘change’ are you working on?

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