The Marketing 3.0 it is a marketing invention to be talked about Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List and occupy academic? At the request of some of our clients and after having asked ourselves the question several times, here is an attempt at an explanation.

The Marketing 3.0 is primarily marketing
More than a revolution in techniques or methods, it is above all a different approach to marketing . To borrow the words of one of the fathers of marketing, Philippe Kotler, where marketing 1.0 was centered on products and marketing 2.0 on customers, marketing 3.0 focuses on people . This is therefore a collaborative, cultural and spiritual vision of the discipline. Good. We are moving forward but it is still rather vague and conceptual. I think it is not consistent to say that we are doing marketing 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 or a mix of the three. We do marketing, period. Companies will differentiate themselves on their ability to adapt to the environment. The behavior of buyers is changing, the economic context is difficult, information is omnipresent, the average consumer becomes an actor, he comments, shares, recommends, participates.

Integrate marketing 3.0 into your approach

To do intelligent marketing is to take into account the consumer as an individual before considering him as a customer who will contribute to the turnover of the company. In this sense, there is a real revolution for us and it is also the one that we are trying to transmit through Inbound Marketing . Before selling a product A to a customer B for a price X because it turns out that he has a 20% chance of needing it, seems to us to be a reductive concept and in phase of being exceeded.

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The Marketing 3.0 is then a way of integrating business in societyby enabling all stakeholders to become aware of the role they play, whether they are shareholders, customers, employees or partners. It already begins with initiating a conversation that has long been one-sided from business to customer through advertising. Today, any average person can have a smartphone, tablet, blog, and be active on collaborative platforms and social media. The tools allowing two-way communication have therefore arrived and it is high time to reinvent ourselves.

If we are no longer necessarily talking about products or customers, what are we talking about?

Let us let a little mystery hover here. This question opens the field of infinite possibilities and announces for agencies like ours, or the companies which choose this direction, a future bubbling with discoveries . How to make the communication of companies sustainable ( sustainable development), how to recapitalize on strong values ( Read: 3 approaches to communicate on the values ​​of his company )?

How to entertain, educate, inspire and convince your customers ? How to re-motivate an employee and embody a positive identity? Customers listened to, heard and respected, employees guided, companies with a reinforced identity that stand out for their social intelligence. It is in this new context that Content Marketing is developing in order to offer interesting content for our target audience.

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