Google wants USA Phone Number List to be fast. If your site is very slow, Google may not want to show it in search results. Be careful, for Google to decide not to display your site, your pages must really load very very very very very slowly. In most cases, a site that is a little slower than average will not cause any problems with its display in Google results.Either way, improving your page speed will be good for your visitors’ experience, and the best tool for checking your site speed is Google PageSpeed ​​Insights .

Enter your homepage and a few internal pages into the tool to see if you are having issues with page load times. You don’t need to get a perfect score, but if Google finds your site to be too slow, it can be a problem.It is important to have a few links / backlinks to your site, especially if you are targeting very competitive keywords.If your site is not showing up on Google, it may be because it does not have inbound links.Try to link to your site from websites dealing with the same topic. Indeed, thematic links will have a positive impact on the popularity and SEO visibility of your pages. To get backlinks for free, do not hesitate to consult our article dedicated to acquiring quality backlinks.

Core Web Vitals will become a ranking factor in May 2021

After presenting its new “Core Web Vitals” metrics relating to user experience last May , Google has confirmed that these elements will become SEO ranking factors from May 2021. In other words, the experience that your page will deliver to your users will have an impact on your SEO.Google explained in a blog post that signals related to your webpage experience will factor into organic rankings and roll out in May 2021.This signal called by Google “Page Experience” combines Core Web Vitals metrics with existing technical signals: The user-friendliness of the page on mobile. Make sure your page is fully mobile-friendly and features content as rich as desktop. Intrusive interstitials.


We invite you to read our article dedicated to the use of pop-ups and their impact on your SEO .In other words, you will need to take these new elements into account in order to maximize your SEO visibility in searches and keep your page in the top .Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) . This element measures loading performance and how quickly key visual elements on your pages become available to the user after clicking. Google says that in order to provide a good user experience, sites should strive for LCP to occur within 2.5 seconds of the start of the page load. You can test your LCP web page with the tools listed in this article .

Reminder of Core Web Vitals metrics

First Input Delay (FID) . Like LCP, FID measures the time it takes for your page to become interactive, so that users can click and search. According to Google, websites should strive for an FID of less than 100 milliseconds . You can measure the DIF using the tools described in this article .Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) . This item measures visual stability. For example, have you ever clicked on an element on a web page and it suddenly moved or shifted as it loaded? Often times, this accidentally causes you to click on something else, leading you to the wrong destination.

This is what the CLS appears to be measuring, with poor stability potentially leading to a lower organic ranking. More info available in this article .Google is also planning to test new ways of showing how pages align with these new signals through visual cues in search results. In other words, it is likely that the organic results that make up the Google SERPs are enriched with a visual indicator for sites that meet the Page Experience criteria. Note that Google has already put tools online to prepare for these new metrics and assess the situation of your site. The first of these is in Search Console, under the “Enhancements” section and is called “Essential Web Signals”. This tool gives an overview of your URLs and their performance on mobile and desktop according to Core Web Vitals metrics.


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