It is often said that Japan WhatsApp Number List are the worst shod … and we have to admit that even in the consulting industry, the adage is often true. However, there is one area where, at ISLEAN, we have adopted internally solutions that we now recommend to our customers: the use of advanced office automation, No Code, for the management and automation of our main processes. Early adopters of the Google suite (to such an extent that it was, until recently, made available to us free of charge), we manage it with a lot of automation and very little code (a few “macros” that lie in the first phases of implementation.

implemented, and which we could now do without) all in-house processes: monitoring of project budgets in real time (forecast and observed), monitoring of project or internal mission times, vacation request, invoicing, accounting and payroll supply, etc. Up to an intranet allowing all employees to access all the firm’s resources from any location / device, or the quasi-automatic editing of our activity reports shared with the entire firm. Being in control from end to end over these tools allows us to supplement them and develop them as we go, according to our needs, completely independent of any external resource. Customer case: the 2.0 partner relationship in the No Code era We had already spoken to you HERE about this customer

Customer case: the 2.0 partner relationship

case, where we were able to set up in a pharmaceutical laboratory an extranet dedicated to its many distributors around the world in less than 6 weeks all inclusive, from the collection of requirements to delivery. in production. Well, I am pleased to tell you that this site is still operational and that feedback from both internally and from distributors has shown their satisfaction, with one complaint, however: they would like even more! We have since been led to deploy this kind of solutions, based in particular on the Google Suite (Sheets, Drive, Site, Form, etc.) with a growing number of clients for whom we are assisting the


Project Owner (expression of need) , but where we also replace the Project Management (the realization). With, beyond the obvious cost advantage, a drastic shortening of the information chain and the time between a requirement and a model… which is directly accessible on the net and ultimately becomes the solution in production! More Agile, I hardly see … In all areas, up to the abyssal processes of a diving club Along with my passion for innovative projects, I have had the great pleasure of being a diver and diving instructor for quite a few years. Having made my debut and all my training in a club in the Peninsula

In all areas, up to the abyssal processes of a diving

of Giens, opposite Porquerolles, I took advantage of one of my last stays there to help them equip their internal processes. A few targeted discussions and a few studious evenings behind my Mac allowed me, again without a line of code, to provide them with the tools to: manage registrations: Form, allowing you to send all the information useful for safety in advance rather than at the counter, in a hurry before going to wet your gills organize the waybill: at each boat departure (and there are more than 10 per day in season …), the captain must imperatively have on his roadmap the identity, level and conditions of supervision of all divers

on board. These roadmaps are prepared and complemented throughout the week and registrations. Recopy each time the identity, the levels, the composition of the teams, on paper or even on Excel which only one person can access at a time is tedious at best, at worst a source of errors and chaos at the time of the departure, when a hundred divers are boiling impatiently in their wetsuits in the middle of the courtyard… No Code tools, real-time link with the customer base, Tomorrow who knows, manage the equipment with QR codes, again with small tools like ScanIt (see HERE ), and still without a line of code on the horizon

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