On a category Philippines Phone Number List the choice of products offered maximizes the chances that the Internet user will find what they are looking for on your site.These are pages generally located at the top of the site hierarchy (depth levels 2 or 3). As a result, they will be more easily crawled by search engine robots and more accessible to users via site navigation.They allow you to position yourself on several keywords that are part of the same cluster . Thus, with its different products and prices offered, a category page can be positioned on a bunch of top-tail, middle-tail and long-tail keywords. For example, a “Dress” category can be positioned on “Dress”, “Trendy dress” or even “Cheap dress”.

These are long-lived pages . Your category pages (unless there is a massive restructuring of the site) never disappear and have little chance of being deleted, unlike product sheets which are short-lived pages, regularly deleted due to new collections or stockouts.Back on topic. Regarding content, it is very common to see online stores with a number of category pages that are very similar to each other. In order to differentiate them, and to ensure that they are optimized for the different user intentions , many e-businesses have enriched the content of category pages by adding text snippets at the top or at the bottom of their template of pages.

Depth of e-commerce pages

A good way is to add relevant content and make sure it incorporates the keywords you have targeted. However, this method is often poorly applied, which means that this content is not actually indexed by search engines. In many cases, the content is embedded in the raw HTML code of the page, is displayed on the desktop version of the site, but not on mobile! However, we know that Google, through its Mobile-First Index , visits and takes into account the mobile-friendly site as the main version.This difference in content between display on desktop and mobile is a significant brake on the growth of your SEO visibility.

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This is what we are seeing for the Nocibé site.In fact, you can see below that the “Women’s Perfume” category of the site (flagship category of the brand) displays an introductory text on a computer at the top of the page. In addition to its privileged location for SEO (at the top of the page), this text contains synonyms that can enrich the semantic field of perfume such as “eau de toilette”. It is good practice for this text to also be displayed to Internet users browsing with their smartphone. Unfortunately, this is not the case, since the mobile display of this same category ignores this introductory text.Note that it has not been moved to the bottom of the page, on mobile.

Few relatively quick solutions to optimize your internal meshing

Update: A few days after the publication of our article (coincidence or not?), The text has been added to the mobile responsive version, as you can see below.Besides content snippets, there are many other elements that you can add to category pages to make sure they have rich and unique content. For example, adding a section on the page to related content such as articles, how-to guides, videos, tips can also increase the page’s relevance to a certain topic.

While internal links are important for all kinds of websites, they can be the key to successful e-commerce sites. However, this networking strategy is often one of the biggest challenges for online stores, mainly due to the generally larger size of these sites, as well as the limitations of CMS and their templates / page templates. Pages with greater click depth (i.e. more “at the bottom” of the architecture) receive fewer links, less PageRank and therefore tend to be crawled more rarely by robots search engines (and Internet users). In the case of e-commerce sites, this reduces the likelihood that a new product page.

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