In times of confinement, it is difficult to work as we are used to. And yet, it is essential to take care. This is the best time to train, so whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee or even a student, you will find Saudi Arabia Email Database to satisfy you even when you are locked in your home. The 50A team has put together a non-exhaustive list of all the things to do at home for you. To combine fun and learning!

But logically, traditional communication is not one of its main missions. If a web agency decides to sell non-digital services that are similar to offline communication, it will have to integrate brand building skills and know the constraints and know-how of print, stands or events.

At 50A we offer traditional communication services (offline) for example stands / catalog / business card / events … The plus of our digital agency, we are trained in user experience, user-centric thinking (the user at the center of the reflection) and we master collective intelligence methods (co-design, design thinking, etc.).

Here is some of our finds dedicated to entrepreneurship, teleworking and digital.

MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses are “online courses open to all”. These are generally university-level courses or training that are free to access and free with regard to registration. However, the validation of prior learning which gives rise to the issuance of a certificate is chargeable.

Saudi Arabia Email Database

These courses are offered by very often prestigious schools and universities such as: Harvard, MIT, Stanford, HEC, École Polytechnique, Sciences Po, École normale supérieure… and other training platforms.

In these courses you can find a wide range of fields ranging from arts to literature, including science, history, economics, IT, languages, or medicine. It should also be noted that some Moocs also offer specific training, such as in IT, management, design, marketing , etc.

If You Do Not Yet Know What To Turn To

Bpifrance has compiled an online training list for you according to the topics covered. You have the possibility of training on finances, management or simply on the methodology of a company. The goal is to develop their skills. The world of entrepreneurship will no longer hold any real secrets for you. Bpifrance

Finding training is not that complicated. Indeed, even LinkedIn offers themed training. We therefore offer you training dedicated to teleworking efficiency. This is a real hot topic. Many of us have to work from home, but it is not within everyone’s reach. Adopt the right reflexes, telework yes, but good! LinkedIn

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