Main campaigns that you can carry out in Google Ads Before carrying out a campaign, the main thing is to determine the objectives so that all your efforts and your investment are reflected efficiently, to the benefit of your brand and the growth of your business. It is possible to use different formats to make ads on Google. For example, you can run a text campaign on the Search Network as well as run images on pages related to your business on the Display Network. In addition, you can advertise in audiovisual format through sites such as YouTube, a platform that is owned by Google. These are some categories of smart campaigns that you can carry out through Google Ads: Search, Display, Shopping, Video, Universal Application, Remarketing, among others.

Start creating advertising on Google! Hundreds of people are already using paid advertising to increase their brand awareness and conversions. With quality ads you can attract customers and generate income. It is important to consider Inbound Marketing, do not forget to do a good job with the selection of keywords and with the writing of the ad texts. In this way, a successful campaign will be developed that will attract more traffic France Phone Number to your website, generating potential customers or making a greater number of sales. If you want your ads to be a success for your brand, startup or company, consider becoming an expert in managing this platform by enrolling in our Google Ads Certification Course . With this course you will be able to generate new business opportunities achieving results in a short time.

Accurate Metrics About the Customer

Besides successfully passing two of the official Google Ads exams, what are you waiting for? Contact us and we advise you for free.Thanks to the use of tools such as Google Analytics, we can have access to relevant information about our audience. Measuring the behavior that the consumer does through their mobile device is essential to define our business objectives and create correct digital marketing strategies. Today, out of a total of 142,743 people who browse the Internet, 55.6% of users use their mobile devices to enter. While 43.6% do it from a computer. According to Think With Google , 86% of consumers do research on their smartphones before buying a product or hiring a service, even when they are in the physical store. Sales via mobile devices to double before 2023.

France Phone Number

Keep in mind that the key to success in the shopping experience you offer your users. This is why today it is important to consider the role of mobile phones in purchasing decisions. Since users use them to study products or services during different phases of the process, for example, to compare prices. Follow these steps and boost your brand presence. Investigate how users interact with your brand from mobile In 2019, out of a total of 38,530 users. 50.9% used their mobile phone to navigate, while 48.3% did so via computer. By 2020, the year of the pandemic, having a website and being able to sell over. The Internet became essential for many brands and entrepreneurs.

The More Customers You Will Get!

The increase in the use of smartphones was evident, of a total of 59 thousand 672 users, 57.7% decided. To use their cell phones to access our website, while the use of desktop computers decreased to 41.5% . In 2021, when people could go out to buy and visit physical stores again. Many chose to continue shopping online. People continued to surf the Internet and the use of mobile devices. Only decreased by 56.9%, while the use of desktop computers grew slightly by 42.2%. With tools like Google Analytics you can delve into the specific behaviors of your users. Which will allow you to know where to put. The efforts and whether or not we are reaching our buyer person . You can start by filtering the statistics that visit.

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