The digitalization of the economy has revolutionized lead generation. Cold-calling , cold-emailing and other intrusive prospecting techniques simply don’t work anymore. Today, the B2B consumer who has to solve a problem or seize an opportunity first obtains Comoros Email List on the Internet. He looks for existing solutions on the market and relies more on consumer opinions than on salespeople’s pitches . He then studies the various serious providers thus identified before making a decision. Only then does he get in touch with a salesperson and decide whether or not to make a purchase.

It has therefore become essential to adapt your prospect acquisition methods to this new way of buying .
In this article, we will therefore discuss all the techniques, all the levers, which today allow you to generate qualified leads in the least intrusive way possible and most in line with the expectations of B2B consumers . We have divided them into three categories: Techniques Inbound Marketing et Content Marketing

Definition of lead generation

Lead generation consists, for a company, in using all marketing channels , traditional (trade shows and conferences, mailings, etc.) as well as digital (email, social networks, SEA, Paid Social, SEO, etc.), in order to to capture the attention of potential prospects, to obtain information on those (email, first name, last name, company, need) and thus be able to initiate a commercial process .

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Inbound Marketing lead generation techniques
Inbound Marketing is the cornerstone of your B2B lead generation. To attract visitors and convert them to your site, it becomes essential to create targeted content for your typical customers, your Personas. Free content (blog and non-gated content) Your blog is at the center of your inbound marketing and qualified lead generation strategy. It allows you, in fact, two things: Improve your natural referencing (SEO) through keyword and Topic Cluster strategies (see technique n ° 3) and therefore attract qualified leads;

Social networks and Community management

To create engagement on social media, you have to start by being active yourself. And we are not talking about the simple social presence with which 90% of companies are satisfied. Hence the importance of the term Community management . It is indeed about participating in conversations around subjects and important actors for you and for your prospects. Start with simple things:

follow influencers;
like or retweet a tweet;
comment on a post on LinkedIn bringing real added value;
share your best content, those that are likely to help your potential prospects. The idea is therefore not to be present on social networks because a Forbes article explains that this will allow you to increase your turnover. No, you have to seek to add value to your community , without waiting for a short-term return on your investment.

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