However, Editor’s Introduction: Community Operation Is the Turkey Phone Number Most Important Part of the Community. the Author of This Article Disassembles 60 Pages and More Than 100 Product Design Details. Through Analyzing the Needs of the Target User Group. He Analyzes and Verifies the Product Design of Knowledge Planet. and Provides You with a Product Design Reference for Community Tools. Hope to Help You. Let’s Take a Look Understand the Product of Knowledge Planet. We Need to Understand the Group of Knowledge Turkey Phone Number Creators First. However, in Layman’s Terms. Any Creator Who Can Continuously Output Original Content Can Be Called a Knowledge Creator. However, Just Like the Author Himself. Who Has Transformed from a Product Designer Responsible for Design Execution to a Self-Media That Regularly Outputs Product Analysis. the Author Can Be Called a Knowledge Creator. Knowledge Creator.

Community Operation Turkey Phone Number

However, These Big Vs Have High Turkey Phone Number Popularity and Appeal. and They Have Gathere Thousands of Fans and Have Great Potential Demand.2016 Is the First Year of Paying for Knowledge. in the Past. the Impression That the Internet = Free Has Been Deeply Roote in the Minds of Users. Whether Knowledge Is Worth Paying for Is a Big Question Mark. However. in 2016. the Number of Users Willing to Pay for Knowledge Has Tripled. Reaching Nearly 50 Million. According to Iresearch’s 2018 Report on the Payment for Knowledge Industry. It Is Estimat That the Market Size Will Reach 35 Billion in 2020. and the Number of Users Will Exce 40 Million. Billion People. Creation Itself Is Not Easy. However, It Requires Continuous Perseverance. and Also Provides Fans with High-Quality Turkey Phone Number Content That Is Changeable and Creative.

High Popularity and Appeal Turkey Phone Number

Turkey Phone Number

Therefore. Under the Situation That the General Environment Is Turkey Phone Number Favorable and the User’s Payment Habits Are Gradually Forme. How to Solve the Community Management Through Professional Digital Tools. Realize the Realization of Fans. and Achieve Healthy Development Has Long Been a Problem That Has Plagued Knowledge Creators. and Their Motivation Is Very Strong. .Urgent.for Knowledge Creators. However, They Already Have a Huge Fan Base Through Long-Term Accumulation. but with the Continuous Growth of Fans. Their Management of Fans Has Also Fallen into Difficulty. the More People There Are. the More Difficult It Is Turkey Phone Number to Manage. and the More Difficult It Is to Manage. the More Difficult It Is to Develop Healthily. for Example. How to Monitor the Activity of the Community Through Accurate Data.

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