That way you captivate the decision maker and she can Romania Phone Number use the acquired knowledge and insights to grow her organization. Brands would do well to review their local marketing strategy as well. To help you on your way, we’ll tell you about the local Romania Phone Number marketing trends. Take a look at the possibilities that Google offers and explore the possibilities of brand activism. 1. Local influencer marketing Perhaps you have already thought of using Romania Phone Number influencers for your brand, or there is a good chance that you already use them. But many brands only use macro influencers . Research shows that the geographical distance between influencers and consumers influences buying behaviour. Consumers can form a sense of social identity based on their physical location.

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A shame, because you can often achieve much more Romania Phone Number with smaller influencers. Fortunately, more and more brands are recognizing the benefits of micro and nano influencers. But have you ever thought about using local influencers? Local Romania Phone Number influencers are the new marketing trend. What are local influencers and why do you want to use them? We explain. What is a local influencer? Local influencers are a new form of influencers emerging Romania Phone Number from the world of nano influencers. Local influencers usually have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers and focus on the region where they live.

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This means that they almost only post content about Romania Phone Number things from the region. In addition, they mainly enter into partnerships with companies from their own city or region. What is the added value of local influencers for your brand? Consumers tend Romania Phone Number to consult the opinion of the people in their circles when making a purchase. And that’s Romania Phone Number exactly how it works with local influencers. In fact, research shows that nano-influencers feel much more like acquaintances or friends and that consumers are therefore more likely to take advice from them. Screenshot of table with ‘Where do you discover new products or companies’.

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