2020 is a year that changed the course of our history and accelerated the digital transformation of all sectors of activity. Organizations, companies and brands have had to relearn and review their way of Russian Federation Email List in a way of working that has become very virtual, sometimes too much! The digital marketing is an evolving industry that is constantly reinventing to surprise its users. In this article, we have consolidated a number of sources to present the digital trends for this year 2021.

Digital sovereignty: betting on “made in France”
Faced with the American Cloud Act, French companies have a card to play by proposing a virtuous data governance model, believes Yves Garagnon, CEO of DiliTrust. As in the end it didn’t work out and nobody cares, we decided to change our mindset. We will only use GAFAM services and we are considering moving the company headquarters to a tax haven. Because there again, they are right why pay more taxes …

Key Digital Figures In 2021

We are social & Hootsuite have concocted an inventory of digital uses in the world. It should be noted that in 2020 there are half a billion new users on social networks and billions of dollars spent in e-commerce , at the expense of local businesses.

Russian Federation Email List

Behavior change, demographic evolution of online audiences, and the significant growth of e-commerce and mobile phones, are themes that you will find in the Digital Report 2021 . Just a joke to introduce our new definition on digital sovereignty because even if the “game” is almost lost. It will take a few more irreducible Gauls to try to defend the cause.

Marketing Trends:

This year, the trends revolve around two concepts: humanization of marketing campaigns by addressing real problems and a much more technical and mechanical optimization. Marketers will have to deal with behaviors that lack “predictability”. Because, as Adobe’s Digital Trends 2021 report indicates , more than 50% of respondents indicate new research and purchase paths.

The design sprint is a method that requires a lot of organization within the team members. “The design sprint is quite a mind-blowing methodology. The key ingredients are: collective intelligence and creativity. The Design Sprint makes it possible to test without developing by relying on prototyping to designate a product or service quickly. ” The design sprint is the holy grail of the CX customer experience.

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