The careers or professions that are related to the Community Manager are Marketing , Advertising, Communications , and Journalism . Also, there are more technical professionals like graphic designers, photographers, web developers, and even entrepreneurs who are interested in the world of digital marketing. So they can become a CM if they take online Community Manager courses and face-to-face courses in digital centers of expertise. In this way, they learn and use their social media management for their own page on Facebook, Instagram and other digital channels. Characteristics, skills and knowledge of a Community Manager A Community Manager is not an easy job, as many people believe.

This professional must have certain characteristics that will help you improve the quality of your work, and the most important thing is that it will meet the objectives of the brand that has pages on social networks. Characteristics of a Community Manager Therefore, these are the main characteristics that a Community Manager must Estonia Phone Number know to improve the quality of their management and administration in Social Media: be creative This is a fundamental requirement that will distinguish you from other professionals, and will help you successfully carry out and meet the objectives of the brand. For this reason, a Community Manager must have these characteristics so that he can offer quality in his management in social networks.

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be an analyst A Community Manager will be in charge of seeing the metrics and statistics of social networks. Therefore, it is important that you know how to interpret. All the data to improve the digital marketing strategy.  And optimize the advertising campaigns of the brands. Be a planner After analyzing the metrics and statistics, you must plan appropriate strategies to reach the stated objectives. In addition, you must schedule actions to keep the brand’s social networks active. To be organized This feature should prevail in any professional, so a CM should know that this will help them achieve better results. So while scheduling content throughout the day is not an easy task, you can improve your performance by keeping your planned activities on a schedule.

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Be an expert communicator A Community Manager must express himself clearly to his followers, as this professional is the image of the brand. His abilities as a communicator will help to respond to messages or comments assertively, and better manage content. Have the ability to create an online community Growing an online community is not an easy task. But an excellent Community Manager will increase your followers and be loyal to the brand. To do so, you need to keep them entertained and engaged with relevant content. Have good writing If a Community Manager has good spelling and excellent writing.  It will be an important factor for the followers of a page to see.  That it has quality content. In addition, a CM represents a brand in digital media.

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Therefore it cannot affect the image of the company by neglecting its writing. Be assertive The well-known ‘trolls’ will try to create conflicts between the followers. But a CM must be assertive in the comments and criticisms. Therefore, you can not make your point for or against.  But you will have to handle the situation respecting the opinions of your audience. Be the spokesperson or mediator of the brand.  A Community Manager will be responsible for resolving.  The doubts and problems of the clients of a brand in social networks. In the face of any conflict or discomfort of the users.  The Community Manager will be able to act as a mediator.  And even as a friend who empathizes with these needs. Skills and knowledge of a Community Manager.  As well as certain characteristics to improve management.

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