50A Galaxy focuses for its sixth podcast on the supremacy of GAFA and their digital colonies. The podcast revolves around the different questions. Are Thailand Email List and France digital colonies of the United States? Why are we so attached to GAFA? What are the solutions to no longer be dependent on GAFA? Our columnists, Christophe Ducamp, Paul Richardet, Glenn Rolland and Fabrice Epelboin question each other and allow us to have a global vision of current issues.

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Europe, A Digital Colony

Like Europeans drawing on African raw materials to enrich themselves, the United States governed by the GAFA exploit the personal data of Europeans to enrich themselves. This has become possible, as our guests point out, because France has not been able to take the technological turn at the right time. While the United States, in the Clinton era, encouraged technological development, Jacques Chirac in France was disconnected from this reality.

Thailand Email List

Even today, digital technology is only treated under the economic spectrum. One of our guests points out that Macron (although he encourages the current “Startup nation”) is not a man of technology. The digital colonization of Europe is accentuated by the fact that the continent is fragmented, there is no European technological unity. This can be explained by the proliferation of languages ​​which are just as much an enrichment for Europe as a hindrance.

Services Recognized As Very Effective

Our guests then raised indisputable points of success of the solutions proposed by the GAFA. Why are we so dependent on the products and solutions offered by Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon? Because they are high-performance, ergonomic, easy-to-use software. Today, no French or European tool is as efficient as an American tool. As our prompts point out, yes, we can use a third-party solution, but our grandparents will never be able to use them.

What prices for these tools?
We must not hide the fact, the price of each solution, tools, software at a price. Under the appearance of neutral territory where anyone can publish their own content, on social networks or elsewhere, the user is in American territory, where American law reigns. The price for treading this territory is simple: personal data. GAFA own our data and they choose who to give it to, sell it to, and how to use it. As our guests raise: even when the user reports a ban on data transmission, some GAFA ignore it. Through their monopoly, they impose their own rules to the detriment of everyone’s freedom.

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